4 Wild Design Trends To Make Your Room Extra AF

Us girls (or at least me) are always obsessed with decoration and how we look. That also includes our own rooms! As a proud advocate of room beauty, I'm providing you with four different themes that are definitely going to snaz up your personal space!

1. 24/7 Party Room 

This one speaks out to me. The '80s-born Memphis style was all about playful patterns and shapes. For example, the hangout in Saved by the Bell was very Memphis, and Opening Ceremony clothing store in Tokyo also has serious Memphis vibes. Here are some room items that will provide you your own Memphis look.

Life or Something Like It Art Print, Urban Outfitters $20

Dot Mug, Recreation Center $35

Hello Memphis Lemon Splash Wall Clock, Society6 $31

Totemic Trinket Stand, Anthropologie $28


2. When You're Bold And Organized

Are you serious about right angles and primary designers? Well, this design may be the best fit for you! These items provide simple, functional, and super stylish vibes. They also have sleek lines that meet bright colors. Mondrian's geometric paintings were a big Bauhaus influence that fits this theme. 

Here are simple items that will bring out the Bauhaus colors. 

Porter Tray Table White, MoMA Store $70

Polished Watering Can, Anthropologie $28

Throw Pillow, Society6 $31

Circle Metal Shelf, MoMA Store $39


3. Does Clutter Give You Bad Vibes? 

The minimalist Scandinavian Modern look will make it all better! Rooms should be light and airy and you should have clean lines to keep your space extremely chill, because of the less stuff, the better, right? 

Here are some items that will say no to clutter! 

Tamsin Dining Chair, Anthropologie $98

Right Angle Mirror Shelf, Urban Outfitters $20

Liv Footed Planter, Urban Outfitters $34

Nut Bowl, Fishs Eddy $26


4. Are You The Wild One In Your Group?

Then you might be a Pop Art freak at heart. For example, the Bocca Sofa is the ultimate weirdo pop couch, and Roy Lichtenstein's painting is of a very Pop Art room. Another pop art furniture piece is a foam sofa by Roberto Matta that breaks up into five pieces. 

You know I got you on your items, wild one!

Day 541, Studio Proba $55

Winky Embroidered Pillow, Urban Outfitters $39

Goober Candles, Areaware $24

Lady Hit-Cat Clock, Urban Outfitters $60


Whatever theme or decor you desire, we hope your room is as snazzy are you are!