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4 Realizations that Will Prevent Politics from Destroying America and Ourselves

A giant, political-paint filled balloon popped on November 8th and stained everything from the entertainment industry to college classrooms, and from Facebook to Instagram.

Instead of the Grammy’s, we view a compilation of political statements – from “Make America Great Again” dresses, to Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm” performance. Instead of comedy on Saturday Night Live, we see endless skits and sketches created for the purpose of mocking President Trump and his administration. Even our personal lives and Facebook accounts are dominated by endless political rants and opinions.

While it is great that our country is much more invested in the political system than it has ever been in our lifetime…there are several drawbacks. People have become so ardent about their political parties, and steadfast to them, that a not-so-subtle anger pervades any political action or conversation where the opposing side is addressed. Violent riots occur, angry debates ensue, and we view politics now as “her side” versus “my side.”

Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or of a different party, we all need to realize several truths that will save us, and our country, from self-destruction.

1. Politics is Not a Sport

 We can’t root for “our team” in the same way we would root for the Cubs or Patriots. The Right and Left are both wrong at times, and so their actions cannot always be justified. I identify as a Republican, but that doesn’t mean that I support Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts.” Similarly, if you’re left-leaning, you should not support SNL when they sexualize Kellyanne Conway for some cheap laughs.

2. The Separation between Personal and Political.

I have many friends that are hard-core liberals, and I am fine with that. Do I agree with them politically? Absolutely not. But living your life with the attitude that you can only be friends with another person so long as their views align with yours is ridiculous; yet, this seems to be the common attitude of late. A woman recently divorced her husband of 25+ years because he voted for Donald Trump, and friendships are routinely shattered via cyberspace. Of course, emotions will always be involved in the political process, but abandoning a relationship due to party affiliation is absurd.

3. Root for the Truth.

Politics should be concerned with the pursuit of truth. The Ben Shapiro host and Daily Wire chief editor, Ben Shapiro, repeatedly states that “facts don’t care about your feelings.” You may feel loyalty to your party, but that doesn’t mean you should accept falsehoods it tells. Bernie Sanders may state that the wealthy are capable – and should – fund all medical care, but that does not make it possible, or sustainable, for our country. Donald Trump may say that the inauguration crowd was larger than it was, but that doesn’t make him right. All politics and government need to be criticized by the people, and the truth should be the ultimate goal.

4. Freedom of Speech is Protected.

Freedom of speech should be allowed. Always. Violently protesting Milo Yiannopoulos because he is a conservative coming to speak at the liberal UC Berkeley is wrong, just as an attempt to prevent the Women’s March is wrong. (The right to protest is protected as well, but it must be a peaceful protest.) Everyone has the right to state their opinions, and no one should be silenced. Will we agree with everything that is said? No. But we, thankfully, have the power to disagree because of our first amendment rights. If we rationalize silencing someone else because we perceive their remarks to be “offensive,” or “hateful,” we stop all discussion, and freedom becomes obsolete.

This country and its citizens deserve respect. Love, truth and open discussion should be valued over “us vs. them.” If we do not find unity together, we only destroy ourselves. As Abraham Lincoln stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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