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4 Perfect Ways to Spend Me Time This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Everyone needs a little time to themselves, especially amongst the chaos of midterms, social events, and excitedly awaiting Thanksgiving! Here are a few ways to escape reality for a couple hours: 

1. Going for a drive up the canyons.

Need to get some time away from chaos and stress of school? Blast some of your favorite jams and head up one of the canyons. The colors are beautiful and might be just what you need to find some solitude.

2. Cozy up with some coffee (or tea) & a good book.

Everyone needs a lazy, relaxing day, am I right? Re-read one of your favorite novels or take a trip to the library or bookstore and try something new! Reading is meditating (especially with a warm drink) and can pull you away from your stressful college life for a few hours.

3. Go for a hike.

What better way to relieve stress than exercise? I would suggest going for a hike up Ensign Peak or one of the canyons in order to take in the beauty of Salt Lake City and find much-needed solace. Or, if you’re really looking to burn some calories, go for a run around Sugarhouse Park! The colors are very pretty there as well, especially around sunset.

4. Netflix & Ice Cream is always a good idea.

I mean, let’s be real. Who doesn’t love binge-watching your favorite TV series, especially when you have a heaping bowl of your ice cream flavor of choice by your side? Relax and unwind with some quality television and stress-eat your worries away for a night! 

Whether it’s a cup of joe or a long drive, don’t be afraid to relax and spend some time with yourself. You deserve it! 

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Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor