The 4 Must Do’s to Grow Out Your (Hair) Do

Like most of the world, when I was in middle school, I was amongst the young and the heavily influenced. Trying to figure out who you are, and how you are supposed to present yourself during the most awkward time of anyone’s life, is a pretty stressful and not to mention a cringe-worthy event. I would straighten my already naturally straight hair, mind you, relentlessly every day. That is until I met with my mom’s hairdresser for the first time and we had a come to ‘JC’ moment where I about nearly had an epiphany. Finding out that not only was I putting way too much heat on my hair, but also that just because everyone else is straightening/curly/burning the hell out of their hair, doesn’t mean you do too.

*Insert the audience eyerolling sound of: “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?” *

Again, just to reiterate, I was fourteen. After that appointment, I took it upon myself to do whatever I could to make my hair healthy, long, beautiful princess worthy hair. The tips I’m about to share with you are the real tips/methods I took to get the hair of my dreams. The steps may seem simple in theory and difficult in practice, but they work.


1. Get a haircut, a real one.

People have a hard time with this one. In order to successfully and healthily grow out your hair, you need to get all those dead ends off. Your hair will not grow at the rate you want it to or look nearly as good with all that crap at the ends. Cut those babies loose. Do it. I get my haircut four times a year, so roughly every three months.

2. Turn off the heat and go natural.

This one here is the biggie. Laying off the heat is the one step that will make the most dramatic transformation in your hair. Turn off the straightener, curling iron, hair dryer and crimper (if you’re still into that). This includes turning down the heat in the shower too. Because my hair is naturally straight, I don’t put any heat on my hair AT ALL during my typically boring week. However, because I prefer my hair curled, I will curl it once a week, usually on Friday so my hair will be styled for the weekend. If you have naturally curly hair and prefer your hair straight, use this method too if you can keep it straight for a couple days!


(**Tip** turn down the water when you’re shampooing/conditioning and turn up the water for the rest of your shower time)   


Finding an oil or hair serum designed to help your hair’s specific needs is a must! This little puppy is my secret weapon. I cannot and will not live without it. The Moroccan oil gives my hair the necessary vitamins to grow long and strong, protect from my occasional use of heat, detangles, and adds a much needed shine to my hair! I use it every time I get out of the shower. I pump four pumps (two for each side of my head) onto my fingers and comb them through my hair. Make sure to start in the middle of your hair and work down. Place more emphasis on your ends, but don’t forget to get your roots too because that’s where your hair growth starts; however, do not place too much product on your roots because it will make your hair look greasy! I learned that one the hard way.

4. Do not shower right before bed.

I would recommend not showering right before bed because if you are following my no heat rule, you will go to bed with wet hair which is not only really uncomfortable, but you will wake up with quite the mess. You will wake up with big knots that add breakage and is the biggest pain (choice term) to brush out/ rip out. Plus, you will really want to straighten that rats nest out and that isn’t getting you any closer to the no heat lifestyle.

If you follow these steps and give your hair time, it will grow back longer and stronger than ever. As a bonus, it’s much cheaper than hair extensions too, in the bank account and appearance. Be prepared for a huge chunk of your conversations to solely revolve around your hair. Happy growing!