4 Coats You Need In Your Closet

It's no polar vortex, but Utah has really been doing us dirty lately with all of this snow. This morning, myself and two other friends all slipped in the same spot, one after the next. It was the stuff of my viral-Twitter-video nightmares. I've been bundling up with at least 4 layers every day. Shirt, check. Bigger shirt, check. Sweater, check. Jacket, check. I am not about to freeze to death out here in the tundras of Salt Lake City.

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic. I grew up in Denver, so I'm honestly pretty used to the cold right now, but sometimes it just gets ya, no matter how many years of your snot freezing into icicles you've endured. Winter fashion can get really boring, too. I know I've done my fair share of briefly considering a more fashion-forward option, but ultimately opting for my usual black down jacket for the 47th day in a row. Buttttt I'm here to save all of your lives (you're welcome) because after some very in-depth research and a painstaking trial and error process (layering denim jackets and sweaters does not cut it most of the time), I've managed to find a number of coat styles that are both warm and trendy!

1. The Puffer Jacket

These things are all the rage right now. They're a little more trendy than just the classic Patagonia down jackets (although don't get me wrong, mine still gets a ton of use), and they're at least equally as warm. PacSun has some super cute ones on their website right now, ranging from vests to cropped jackets to parkas. Pretty Little Thing also has a super broad collection of them at the moment. Definitely a must-have.

2. Teddy Coats

I think I've mentioned these in another one of my articles but I really can't get enough of them. They are so, so comfortable, and they're also so cute and versatile. If you go with a more neutral color like the one pictured above, or black, you can wear it with pretty much anything! Also, if it's really freezing out, you can wear another coat under it and it's barely noticeable because the silhouette is so big. 11/10 would recommend one of these. There's actually some on Nordstrom Rack right now, and if you Google "teddy coat," tons of other options show up.

3. Pea Coats

For nicer occasions, I think it's always a good idea to have a solid pea coat in your closet. I personally prefer camel or tan colored ones, but black ones look really nice as well, and if you're feeling extra adventurous, a red one can add an easy pop of color. I love the color and line of this one from Asos!

4. Structured Jackets

A simple, structured jacket is always a good thing to have around. The lighter weight ones can be paired with a bigger jacket when outside, and then can serve as an outfit staple once you take the bigger one off. These can be dressed up or dressed down, and depending on the color they are generally very versatile. J Crew has some awesome ones!

Fashion and personal style is all about playing around with different trends and finding out what works best for you. Some of these might be great with your wardrobe, or none of them might work, but it's certainly worth it to take the time to figure it out! I'm down to be a human marshmallow every once in a while, but sometimes I like to add some structure to my outfit. Find what works for you, and go off, sis!

For other options in each style, click on the photo source links and you will be directed to the website for each picture.

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