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3 Ways to Nix Your Snackiness in the Salty City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

So it happened again. You’re out and about for the day without a snack. Or maybe you forgot to go grocery shopping this week and can’t bear the thought of heating up another bowl of ramen. Never fear, collegiettes! Salt Lake City boasts an impressive array of local restaurants where you can find the perfect snack to match any craving.

1. If you’re looking for something greasy…

The Mother Hen burger from Chedda Burger pictured with the legendary Chedda tots. 

Okay, so fast food isn’t great for you, and all that grease is probably f*cking up that skincare routine you’re struggling to keep up, but we wouldn’t go back to burgers and fries if they weren’t so damn delicious. That being said, when it comes to fast food, local fast food is the very best you can get. In Salt Lake, try Hires Big H for their cheese fries (the best I have ever had in Utah) or old-time sodas (I usually get a lime rickey). The burgers are great, too — one of my best friends swears that Hires makes the best veggie burger she has ever had. Another great Salt Lake burger joint is Chedda Burger — I recommend the Mother Hen, which is served with a fried egg, bacon, and arugula. Or try their life-changing Chedda tots — they come with a cilantro chipotle sauce that is to die for. 

2. If you get hungry at the farmer’s market…

The Wasatch sandwich from Raclette Machine

The Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market will be open until October, which means that you have the first two months of the semester to snag the market’s best food truck cuisine. Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade, which also has a permanent store location on 17th South, offers their famous limeade at the farmer’s market every weekend. Not thirsty? My absolute favorite food truck is Raclette Machine, which serves melted Raclette cheese over sandwiches and potatoes. Sound familiar? Videos showing Raclette Machine workers scraping the famous Swiss cheese onto crusty bread grace many a Utah Instagram story during the summer and fall. Snag the Breakfast Sando, which features crusty bread, greens, a fried egg, poblano pesto, and melted Wasatch Mountain cheese the next time you’re at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Or stop by the University of Utah Farmer’s Market on Thursdays — Raclette Machine will be serving cheesy goodness on campus until October 3!

3. If it has to be something sweet…

Vegan scoops at Monkey Wrench

I’m not really a big dessert person (I’m more of a cheese fries kinda girl), but Salt Lake has plenty of dessert options for when you wear out your Ugurt craving. Try the ice cream at Last Course Dessert Studio — the key lime pie ice cream I tried there last summer was truly some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. And if you’re looking for a vegan or dairy-free option? Monkey Wrench, located next to the popular vegan restaurant Bolt Cutter and specializing in vegan ice cream, is your go-to. 

So the next time hanger strikes you in the wild, don’t panic. You have several options in our very own Salt Lake City to choose from. Happy snacking, collegiettes!

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