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3 Ways to Add Spring to Your Cold Weather Closet

It has been a strange winter this year here in Utah. We had a warm December and January, and now that February is almost over, winter has decided to finally arrive. Since it was so warm, I know I’ve been ready for spring since mid-January, and now that it’s snowing, I’m a little disappointed. I’m dying to break out my clothes for warmer weather, but the snow means I have to continue wearing winter sweaters. Here are a few ideas on how to dress for spring but keep warm in the snow.


Floral Prints & Fun Patterns

One way to bring spring into your wardrobe is just by wearing a floral print. This can be a blouse, dress, or even a scarf. Keep warm in blouses by wearing warm cardigans and jackets over them. For dresses, wear a warm cardigan and a pair of tights or knee socks with boots. If it’s an exceptionally cold day, wear one of your winter sweaters with a fun floral or patterned scarf that will brighten your day while keeping you warm.


Pastel or Brightly Colored Sweaters

For colder or more snowy days, wearing a sweater might be your only option to keep the cold away. To make it feel more like spring, wear sweaters that are pastel colors, like baby pink or periwinkle. If pastels aren’t your style, wear brighter colors or bright patterns to liven up the dreary days.


Colored or Patterned Denim

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are feeling adventurous with your style put on a pair of colored denim to make it feel more like spring. These can be brightly colored, pastel colored, or even just be white. Or if you don’t quite want to stray super far from regular blue denim, wear a pair that has an embroidered pattern or another variation of the sort. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, wear a completely patterned pair of pants, like checkered or floral pants. Pair these with a cute sweater or blouse and it will feel more like spring.


If you are feeling the winter blues due to the late snow, hopefully these ideas will help brighten up your wardrobe to make it feel more like spring!

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