3 Reasons to Make Your Next Girls' Night a Wine Tasting

I always dreamed about being a wine-savvy adult when I was a teenager; in my young, uncultured eyes, being a bit of a wine snob was the epitome of class and maturity.

College quickly taught me, however, that I'm more a beer babe than a wine mom-in-training. I didn't even have the palette for champagne or prosecco unless it was mixed in a mimosa. So when one of my best friends suggested taking a wine class for her 21st birthday, I was excited but not exactly hopeful. If I already knew that I hated sweet reds and dry whites, what more did I have to learn? 

Turns out, a wine class is so much more than learning about the difference between sweet and dry. Additionally, it makes for one of the funnest nights I've ever shared with one of my best friends. Still not convinced? Read on for three reasons to make your next girls' night a wine night. 


1. You will learn more about yourself 

Before I took a wine class, I only knew about four kinds of wine — white, red, sparkling, and rose. Now, I can tell you that my favorite white is chardonnay and my favorite red is pinot noir. In our class, my friend and I were encouraged to privately rate each wine and write down what we were tasting. An expert told us that some wines might have hints of fruit or chocolate; there was no judgment or penalty if we didn't know what she was talking about. Having the opportunity to slowly taste each wine one by one while an expert tells you what to expect is a great way to learn about which kinds of wines you actually enjoy in a pressure-free environment.


2. Less intense than bar-hopping, more fun than staying in 

Sure, hitting up the bars or a house party can be fun, but sometimes you want something a little more low-key. Then again, you don't always want to spend another weekend staying in with a bottle of wine and a 90s rom-com. A wine tasting class can be the best of both worlds. The class allows you to go out with friends without having to be up all night hopping from bar to bar. Win-win. 


3. New experiences = quality memories 

Okay, so maybe you've heard enough about Gen-Z and our preference for new experiences over new material things. But hear me out one more time. Reflect on your most memorable moments with your friends. Sure, you probably have some great memories from routine movie nights at home and joking around in class, but your stand-out memories are likely the first time you tried a new recipe or went to a cool concert. Taking a wine class together will give you the same kind of memory. By doing something one-of-a-kind, you're making valuable memories with your friends. 


So next weekend, instead of popping corks at home, sign up for a wine tasting class in your community. You're sure to learn more about yourself and make some quality memories with your friends. Happy sipping, collegiettes! 


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