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There are weird explanations and conspiracy theories for everything, especially phenomenas where the truth is still uncertain. I personally don’t believe in most conspiracy theories, but I enjoy listening to the full podcasts and stories that are on Spotify. Being a STEM major, it’s hard for me to stray from the real scientific explanations. However, after listening to the ones Spotify has to offer, some are quite convincing. I came up with the 3 that I found to be the most wild but believable. Anything is possible right?

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Hollow Earth

City of Ember anyone? In many religious and mythological texts, the earth is described as having many levels beneath, whether that is a civilization or an afterlife. In Egyptian and Greek mythology, the underworld is located underground beneath the surface. Even Isaac Newton studied the hollow earth theory as a “thought experiment.” It’s believed that there is a network of caverns through the earth at the poles. But it doesn’t stop there — people believe that there are civilizations down there and we may need to retreat back during an apocalyptic event. While the density of the earth proves these theories are false, it is very interesting that so many ancient groups had this similar idea.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean is known for its weird and dangerous experiences sailors and pilots have had. Columbus and other sailors long ago have written about things such as shallow water with no land in sight, extremely rough waters, and strange lights coming from the water. Compasses have known to fail there. Even experienced pilots have lost signal and direction despite flying the course many times. The most believable conspiracy theory is that there are some electromagnetic “dead” zones in the ocean caused by vortices in clouds. The podcast story explains how there is a similar “triangle” area near Japan that behaves the same. In these vortices, the typical laws of gravity and physics act out of the ordinary, causing modern technologies to fail. As someone who has taken years of physics, math, and engineering, this one is incredibly hard to believe. But it seems more possible than aliens or Atlantis being under there.

The Titanic

The sinking of the Titanic took the lives of over 1,500 passengers in 1912. Were 3 of those losses actually intended? American millionaire and banker J.P Morgan may have been responsible. The conspiracy theory describes how J.P Morgan’s 3 rivals were on the Titanic —Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus, and Benjamin Guggenheim. Did he do this on purpose to eliminate his competitors? Nobody could have planned an iceberg to take out the ship, but what if it were tampered with from the start? What if “unsinkable” was a planned lie and not a tragic mistake? It seems that people would do anything back then to protect their wealth and reputation, and it was perfectly acceptable. What if J.P Morgan did just that?

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While we think we know everything about our world, unexplained and argued events such as these challenge it. If you enjoy podcasts and stories, Parcast has over 80 different stories, some with multiple parts. Click here to listen to the podcasts and other possible conspiracy theories!

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