3 Friends Who Deserve Extra Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day completely influenced by love. So whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s not a bad idea to shower your friends with extra love on this very special day. Here’s the list of friends who should get two tacky boxes of chocolates and a bottle of wine! Thanks for all you do babes!

The one who never drinks but actually gets along with drunk people really well.

You definitely take this girl for granted, but she’s so d*mn sweet she’d never tell you that! Can you imagine what your weekends would be like if you had to actually take turns being D.D.? Make sure this girl knows that you love her to the moon and back! She’s literally the best. Not only does she drive you and the rest of the gang around – she loves going out and being a part of the party. She doesn’t drink, but she still can act like the dancing fool you need after a couple shots.

Xoxo to the “Mocktail Molly.”

The one who is biasedly loyal and never questions you.

This is the friend who you frequently hear say, “We hate her, right?” Thank the heavens for this friend. She is the one person who, even if she has solid proof that you’re acting like an insecure brat, agrees with every nasty thing you have to say about what’s her name. You probably underappreciate this girl because you’re too often on your high horse and forget to thank her for listening to every pretentious rant you throw upon her. You know she is a good friend because she always wants to make you feel better about yourself. And when you realize how crazy you were acting she agrees with you – but ever so delicately so that you don’t hate your pyscho self.

Xoxo to the “LYA (Loves You Anyway).”

The one who is the same size as you in everything.

Honestly, she is your better half – because half of her wardrobe is in your closet. Bless her stylish little heart for letting you raid her closet. It’s very rare to find this friend because not only is she generous enough to share with you the treasures of her closet, but this darling girl is your same size. Soulmates? Perhaps. Just remember when you throw on that sexy, little, cocktail dress where it came from – her. She definitely deserves some recognition for your outfit.

Xoxo to the “Sizemate.”