3 Fall Trends You Need to Try Before Winter Comes and Ruins Everything

As we all know, Winter limits our fashion choices by about 97%. There are only so many things we can wear when we have to clench our teeth, and bear below freezing weather. So, before you have to rotate your leggings daily, layer your pajama pants underneath your clothes, and heavily invest in the puffiest of coats, enjoy these hot fall trends before they are gone forever.


Sneakers, white sneakers to be exact, are all the rage these days. The white adds a nice fresh and crisp pop to your look, while also making your outfit a bit more playful and relaxed. Typically, our black leather boots start replacing our summer sneakers once autumn hits, but it looks like our sneakers will appear alongside our boots all season long and we’ll rotate between the two. Whether you are pairing your high-top converse with some high-raise utility pants or your mid-wash straight-legged mom jeans, put them to full use before the first snow fall. You aren’t going to want to sludge around in the wet snow with your white sneakers. They will not only get all dirty, but frostbite will get the better of you. Let’s keep our toes!


Plaid mini skirt

This is by far my most favorite trend of the season so far! I think it’s such a fun modern twist, and a great throwback to the 90’s. Who doesn't want their life to feel a little like Clueless? The nostalgic feel of the plaid or Gangnam mini skirt is only part of the reason why they are so in right now. The mini skirt is such a key versatile piece in expressing your own personal style, while still staying in trend with everyone else! You can pair it with a cropped band tee, a chunky sweater, a low-cut bodysuit or my personal go-to, a short or long sleeve turtleneck! You can customize the skirt to fit your aesthetic and occasion that day.

This is going to be a hard look to pull off once all the leaves have fallen and the snow storms. But because I am so in love with this look, I’m going to try and stretch it out by pairing my skirts with some thick black tights and a long trench coat. Crossing my fingers that’ll work, and I can rock my cute plaid mini’s for as long as possible.


Corduroy Jumper

And lastly, one of the main players this season: the corduroy jumper. Ah, this feminine yet quirky dress is all over this fall, and for good reason! It’s so flattering on all body types, and is such a statement maker. If you don’t have one of these, you are going to need one (or six). Take an extra shift at work this week, it’s so worth it. I suggest pairing the corduroy jumper with a light and airy blouse with a unique collar (like the one pictured above) or an off the shoulder top. The layering of thick, coarse fabrics with light and delicate ones is one of the biggest key components with all of fall fashion, but especially with this look!

***Tip*** Pair the corduroy jumper with heeled shoes! This outfit definitely benefits with some height, and pulls everything together. I’d suggest some open toed platform sandals or the iconic block heel leather boots.

Fall fashion is the best fashion! No one can argue that. The temperature is at the right spot to mix and match warm and light pieces and the beautiful scenery just adds to everyone’s look. Add these three trends to your fall style before the cold hits us like a brick wall and we are grudgingly waiting for next fall! Happy shopping!