25 Thoughts You Have on a Rainy Day

Ah rainy days, they’re perfect for snuggling up with some hot cocoa and a cutie and watching a movie, something in black and white, with your fuzziest blanket.  They make you want to whip out a book and stay in bed all day…not go to school. 


1.     * wakes up to a softly lit room with rain quietly hitting your window *

2.     This is so nice let me just sleep another hour, who cares about school, this is the perfect environment for going back to bed.

3.     Wait. I have a test, and a meeting, and the classes I have today cant be missed.

4.     This is gonna suck.

5.     Let me just put on this jacket, and a scarf, and these boots and probably this snowsuit.

6.     Wait I can’t put my arms down.

7.     No snow suit.

8.     I’m already soaked and all I did was walk to my car? This is gonna be a long day.

9.     This is like driving through lake Michigan.

10. And now that I’m walking around campus it’s like walking through lake Michigan.

11. And I forgot an umbrella.

12. I should just go home.

13. But I cant because responsibilities.

14. Good thing I didn’t do my hair today.

15. It also looks like I’m not going to be stealing any hearts today.

16. Unless they’re into girls who look like wet rats.

17. and just as I start to feel warm and dry in my class it’s time to go back out in the rain.

18. the only thing that would make this day ok would be kissing someone in this hell shower.

19. one of the people who are attracted to wet rats.

20. any takers?

21. No? ok.

22. I’m never forgetting an umbrella ever again the minute I get home I’m putting one in my back pack.


24. I’m getting in my bed and never leaving.

25. Forget boys blankets are where it’s at.