2019 Trends to Channel Your Inner Blair Waldorf

When it comes to shows like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and The Carrie Diaries, the costumes chosen are arguably just as important—if not more important—as the dialogue. While Carrie Bradshaw and Chanel Oberlin may hold special places in my heart, nobody rules fashion like the Upper East Siders of the 2010s. 

While Blair’s conservative and traditional style remains loyal to Ivy League signatures such as pearl earrings, loafers and pretty handbags, let’s kick the idea of her style remaining stagnant to the curb. She never wore the same headband twice, did she? 2019 trends offer many opportunities to update Blair's classic prep school looks.

1. Basket Bags

Basket bags were a critical part of Blair’s Hamptons wardrobe, so naturally, they’re perfectly acceptable in 2019.  Style these with simple dresses this coming spring. They’re stunning paired with bright colors and they’re great at holding up against daily usage. Pair this with a bright white outfit this coming spring, we know you’re dying to hit up the White Party in the Hamptons! 

2. Check Blazers

Blazers are as essential to a preppy wardrobe. Although it’s traditionally been viewed as a conservative answer to office wardrobe policies, this piece is now exploding on the street style scene. Layering an oversized, cool blazer over a bodysuit and skinny jeans screams trendy 2019 all while taking notes out of Waldorf’s book. Pairing it with a turtleneck and a fabulous bag will make you look chic, put together, and way too cool for frat boys. 

3. Pearls

They’re a classic for obvious reasons. Style a two-strand pearl necklace with a midi dress and a leather jacket for an everyday look. Or since barrettes are all the rage, purchase a pearl embedded pair for a subtle touch. Keep it simple and light or go full preppy and find yourself your own Nate Archibald (if you somehow figure out how to do that, let me know because I’ve been trying). 

4. Headbands 

Headbands are to Blair Waldorf as iced coffee is to me – essential. Getting to see all of Blair’s headbands was one of my favorite parts of the show, and that love for silky scarves didn’t leave me in middle school. Silk scarf wraps are great alternatives to buying both scarves and headbands, you instantly have two in one! 

One of the best things about a preppy Blair Waldorf inspired wardrobe is that she wears traditional cuts and styles, something that you can find at any store, no matter your budget and preferred price point. 

And as Queen B once said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be”. Don’t forget that. 

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