20 Words & Phrases from the Early 2000’s We Should Absolutely Bring Back

The 2000’s had a lot of things that we probably want to forget, from low riding, weirdly cut jeans, to hair feathers, to Crocs, we sometimes close our eyes and wish it had never happened. However, there’s a lot of lingo from the 2000’s that we could still use today, if we REALLY felt like it. Here are 20 of them!

1. Bling

Definition: Basically, shiny stuff on clothing--this could go anywhere from bejeweling, to jewelery in general! Bling is a simple way of saying that someone has an extensive amount of sparkle on their outfit.

2. Crunk

Definition: Essentially synonymous to having a good time (See: “Let’s get crunk!”), which could mean anything between sober fun, or not sober fun.


3. That’s Hot

Definition: Usually used sarcastically, “that’s hot” is used as a satirical juxtaposition to someone doing something that absolutely isn’t hot.


4. Trashed

Definition: Synonymous to “Crunk”, except definitely not sober.


5. Word

Definition: “Word” indicates that something is either understood or appreciated. It could be used similarly to “okay”, or to “awesome”, depending on context.


6. Biotch

Definition: Self explanatory, biOTCH.


7. Owned

Definition: Something really douche-y people would say when they felt like they accomplished something over someone else. Ex. “Yeah, dude I owned you at brushing teeth!”


8. You Got Served

Definition: Similar to “Owned”, but you basically say “served” instead. It’s like you serve them their own busted ego on a tarnished silver platter.


9. Baller

Definition: Similar to “awesome”, “baller” was a way to describe things being cool and/or exciting in the early-mid 2000’s.


10. Stoked

Definition: Essentially a more relaxed version of being “ecstatic”. Being ecstatic about your birthday, for example, is different from being stoked about not having Geology homework.


11. Peace Out

Definition: An odd substitute for “goodbye”.


12. Bounce

Definition: A substitute for “leaving” a place or a situation. Ex. “Let’s bounce” rather than “Let’s blow this popsicle stand”.


13. Dawg

Definition: A way to describe another person that you felt pleasantly towards. Ex. “What’s up, dawg?”


14. Poppin

Definition: See Lipgloss by Lil Mama.


15. Waz Crackin

Definition: An opening statement to conversation, such as “How are you doing?” except so very much worse.


16. Sucky

Definition: A sort of grotesque reaction to something that is bad at a relatively mediocre level.


17. Homeskillet

Definition: Another friendly term for another person. Ex. “Wassup, homeskillet?” Synonymous to “Homeslice” or “Dope Homie”.


18. Mega

Definition: Similar to “cool”, “Mega” was a way to describe something radical or awesome.


19. Chillax

Definition: To both “chill” and “relax” at the same time, which is redundant because the two words have extremely similar connotation.


20. Booyah

Definition: An exclamation of excitement, could be compared to “Holla” or “Eureka”. It is a word that should live on in infamy.


Congrats! You remembered lingo from the 2000’s, and your vocabulary got a little bit better, and a little bit worse.


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