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The 16 Best Tinder Bios

If you’ve never downloaded Tinder or any other online dating app, you’re either lying or haven’t reached that level of self-loathing—yet. It’s inevitable, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself braving the dumpster fires of online dating. A great way to stand out from the “6 ft cuz apparently that matters” kind of people is your bio.

Listen, no one wants to read a novel. Do not make your bio longer than three lines. If I wanted to read pointless literature I’d resort to Wuthering Heights, not Tinder.


Short, concise, and comical is the key ladies and gentleman. Thankfully, I’ve compiled 16 original and refreshing bios to boost your chances of a match. 


  1. Nothing turns me on quite like a man with a reusable grocery bag

  2. Only DM me if you’re a high school dropout who still lives with their mom and hits the juul 

  3. I’ve probably DMed your dad

  4. I should have died instead of Vine

  5. Macro or micro, and i’m not talking economics ( ;

  6. Who murdered JonBenét Ramsey? Send a 5 paragraph essay MLA format 

  7. If your occupation says “entrepreneur” I’m assuming that’s code for “unemployed” 

  8. DM me your SSN

  9. Who is your favorite Jonas brother (don’t forget Frankie Jonas is a contendor as well)

  10. Checkout my finsta @joejonas  

  11. Send me pics of your dog ONLY 

  12. I love naps 😜😜😜 ha ha zany girls amiright not like the other girls <3 <3 <3 
  13. lmk your high school GPA 

  14. Here solely for the self-validation 

  15. My hobbies are paying bills, doing laundry, and agreeing with you

  16. You’re allowed one Vine reference use it wisely

Whether you’re looking for a hookup, relationship, or dare I say “friendship,” you need to know how to sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to reuse joke formats for situations and pronouns applicable to you! So either pick a bio from above or devise one yourself and start swiping away.

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