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15 Songs You Need to Have on Your Road Trip Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

After having taken a brief road trip this summer with my friend, I can confirm that making the perfect playlist is an absolute requirement for having the best time possible. After all, what is the point of a road trip if you don’t get to scream catchy lyrics while rolling down the interstate? Here are 15 of the best tried and tested road-tripping songs.


  1. “Karma Chameleon” – Culture Club

This song is mostly nonsense as well as an earworm, making it a perfect addition to any playlist. Even if you don’t know the lyrics, you will soon find yourself singing along!


  1. “American Pie” – Don McLean

This is a classic that everyone in the car can appreciate. I think it might be impossible to NOT sing along to good old “American Pie”.


  1. “Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen

“Don’t Stop Me Now” is sure to get everyone in the car stoked for the trip and “having a good time, having a ball”.


  1. “Best Day of My Life” – American Authors

Such a happy song that is sure to put everyone in a good mood.


  1. “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” – Train

This song is an especially good choice if anyone has recently gone through a breakup. After all, who hasn’t wished that their ex would get “run over by a crappy scion”.


  1. “Human” – The Killers

This song has a great beat and is definitely catchy.


  1. “Sober Up” – AJR ft. Rivers Cuomo

Despite its rather sad name, this song is really cute and features a pretty awesome cello part.


  1. “Dog Days Are Over” – Florence and the Machine

A song to transport you back to your youth and keep the energy in the car high.


  1. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Anyone who doesn’t like this song is a sad person who you should definitely not invite on your road trip. This is a song that should be added to every playlist on and off the road.


  1. “HandClap” – Fitz and The Tantrums

Another epic (and only slightly suggestive) throwback with a great beat.


  1. “Shut Up and Dance” – WALK THE MOON

A song that is sure to have everyone dancing in their seats and singing along.


  1. “The Great Escape” – Woodkid

An upbeat, happy, and positive song, great for getting through those never-ending parts of the drive.


  1. “Real Love Baby” – Father John Misty

A little calmer than most of the other songs on this list, but super catchy and sweet.


  1.  “Carry On” – fun.

A good motivational song for when the drive starts to get to you.


  1. “Feel Again” – OneRepublic

Like all of OneRepublic’s work, this song is incredibly catchy and nearly impossible to not sing along to.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the great music and artists that need to be a part of your road trip. However, it is definitely a good starting point for creating the ultimate playlist that will serve to make your travels even more fun and memorable.

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Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor