13 Breakfast Places in Salt Lake City For All Your Brunching Needs

Anyone who is anyone loves breakfast, and if you love breakfast, that means you love trying new breakfast places! This list will provide you with all info you need to embark on those breakfast adventures with you and your best buds. Who knows? Maybe you will want to hit up some of these places for lunch and dinner too!

1. Silver Fork Lodge

This rustic lodge is located up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and features things such as a bed and breakfast, bar, restaurant, and amazing views.This lodge serves as an excellent Après ski due to its location at the bottom of both Brighton and Solitude ski resorts. If you choose to visit this quaint little spot, make sure you try their amazing hot chocolate! 


 2. The Park Cafe

This cafe is located on the edge of Liberty park and 1300 s. Albeit small, this incredibly popular breakfast nook offers meals such as the "French Toast Foolishness" and more for unbelievably low prices. Here you get a large amount of food, for not a lot of money! Since it is so busy, the wait time usually exceeds over 20 minute,s but I would highly suggest waiting because it is worth it! If you go here, I obviously suggest the "French Toast Foolishness" paired with their delicious Iced Chai Latte.

 3. Ruth's Diner


Located up Emigration canyon, Ruth's diner is a classic that locals adore. Opened by Ruth in 1930, Ruth's Diner is a great spot for those who enjoy the outdoors. The Diner has an inside and an outside. The outside is situated next to a river, and is under a canopy of trees that makes the customer feel as though they are deep in the woods. On top of that, Ruth serves delicious food! I would recommend "Ruth’s Famous Mile High Biscuits and Country Gravy".

4. Blue Plate Diner


  This quaint little diner is located on 2100 E near Sugarhouse and is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Meant to be a 50's-style diner, it is covered with old records, 50's-style design, and more. They serve amazing breakfast and their shakes are to die for. The best part? Breakfast is served all day! I would suggest ordering the Classic with Meat.     


 5. Over The Counter Cafe

 Over The Counter Cafe is on 3300 s and 2343 E. This cafe offers delicious breakfast fast for cheap prices. It's a good place to go if you're in the savory mood, and is also the perfect place to have a quick, fulfilling breakfast that will leave you energized for the day. Over The Counter never disappoints. I would suggest their breakfast option #2. Be sure to also order one of their fantastic scones!               


6. Pig & A Jelly Jar

Pig & A Jelly Jar is on 401 East 900 South. Pig & A Jelly Jar prides itself on serving unique, southern comfort food and keeping their customers happy. All of their ingredients are fresh, and their food is made from scratch every day. Pig & A Jelly Jar is a great place for those meat eaters to get their fav's such as bacon, ham, and more. I would suggest getting either the Chicken and Waffles (I know technically it isn't breakfast but it's still good) or the Pig Breakfast.


7. Penny Ann's Cafe

Penny Ann's Cafe a.k.a "Home of the Heavenly Hot Cakes" is located on Main Street, and is awarded "Best Of State Breakfast" because of their hot cakes. This is the perfect cafe for those with a sweet tooth to get their fill of hot cakes, pancakes, waffles, and more. Their fantastic pies warrant an honorable mention, as well. If you were to visit, I would obviously recommend their famous hot cakes.


8. Finn's Cafe

Finn's Cafe is on 1624 1100 E, and specializes in Scandinavian-influenced meals for breakfast and lunch. With a beautiful outside sitting area and unique, delicious options for breakfast, Finn's Cafe is anything but lacking in appeal. Finn's cafe is the definition of warmth and comfort, with their amazing food and comforting designs. If you were to visit here, I would suggest ordering their "Jule Kake French Toast".

9. Oasis Cafe

Truly correct in their name, Oasis Cafe, located on 500 e, is the perfect place to grab breakfast in their cool, airy cafe. Oasis Cafe serves delicious breakfast along with offers an impeccably done patio to eat said breakfast. If you are thirsty, they also have a large drink menu featuring different teas, smoothies, and more. What's nice about the Oasis Cafe is that it is also adjacent to Golden Braid Books so you can browse around for a new book to read after a delicious meal. I would suggest their "Oasis Breakfast".

10. Lazy Day Cafe

The Lazy Day Cafe is on 2020 e and 3300 s. It offers delectable southern comfort food and leaves the customer wanting more. Their famous lemon pancakes are known to melt in your mouth! This is another great place for those of us craving the sweeter side of breakfast with their famous pancakes and also offers plenty of options for the savory cravers as well. I would suggest their famous "Lemon Pancakes". 

11. Little America Buffet

Although there are some who prefer the Grand America's buffet, I am a bigger fan of Little America's underappreciated and cheaper buffet. Located on 500 Main St., Little America offers an incredible buffet for those who are more on the fancy side. Although it is a bit more expensive, you get a lot for your money, and you will leave feeling extremely satisfied. Since it is a buffet, it is hard to suggest things but I would try and get their incredible "eggs benedict". 

12. Hub & Spoke Diner


Don't let its outside appearance fool you, Hub & Spoke Diner is nothing less than a delicious place to grab some brekkie. Hub & Spoke is on 1291 1100 e, and is home to their famous and amazing eggs benedict. It, like many of the other breakfast places serves comfort food, and is known for their homemade pie. With amazing food and amazing service, it is hard to understand why you aren't on your way there now. I would suggest their crab eggs benedict.

13. The Grand America Garden Cafe

Alright you didn't expect me to talk about Little America's breakfast, and not mention the Grand America's Garden Cafe did you? For those looking for a posh, upscale breakfast spot look no further. The Grand America is across from the Little America and the Garden Cafe is situated inside of the Grand America Hotel. A little on the pricey side, the garden cafe offers luxury breakfast inside an incredibly chic cafe. I would try and go to the breakfast buffet but if you are wanting to just eat at the normal restaurant I would suggest ordering the "Grand Continental Breakfast".


 I hope this list helps you foodies and brunch enthusiasts, out there. Have a very happy breakfast journey!