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cards and stationary with magnifying glass
cards and stationary with magnifying glass
Photo by Melissa Constandse
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The Perfect Divination Tools You’ll Need For Summer Solstice

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Need some new divination tools to make your Summer Solstice more enchanting? I got
you, witches.

Spirit Speak Tarot

Spirit Speak tarot is one of those tarot decks that are needed in everyone’s divination
collection – for inspiring new ways of reading. The size of a deck of playing cards, Spirit Speak
tarot is convenient to take with you anywhere for a quick but powerful tarot reading. The black
and white simple images on this deck don’t hide anything from you, while still forcing you to
think outside of the box when it comes to their guidance. The artwork in this deck is so different
from most tarot decks that I personally use it when I want to break away from tradition or spark
my creative side.

Spirit speak was created by the talented Mary Evans who has a stunning collection of
self published decks filled with her art. Check out her website spirit-speak.com where she offers
readings and spells as well as her fantastic tarot and oracle decks.


Next we have a divination tool that I don’t understand how it isn’t more popular right now – but it
should be! This small scrying mirror by the Etsy shop TheWitchingWells is perfect for those
witches who know how to make any moment magickal. This pocket size scrying mirror has such
a vintage essence to it that it fills your divination practice with such an authentic charm. Use it
for meditation and divination on the go, or add it to your collection of witchy trinkets purely for
the aesthetic. Both are perfectly acceptable.

With multiple designs to choose from for your scrying mirror, and many more witchy
items to fall in love with, TheWitchingWells is an Etsy store well worth supporting. I mean, it’s
worth checking out purely based on the darling name! TheWitchingWells?! How clever is that!?

Divine Codes Oracle

Oracle cards work so well right alongside tarot divination. Layering your tarot reading
with oracle cards really brings out details and helps complete the picture of your reading. One of
my new favorite oracle decks to use to do this is Divine Codes Oracle. I found this deck on an
Etsy shop called ShopDarkMoonCrystals and I’m so glad that I did! This 46 card deck comes with
an 80 page guide book and each card has stunning lavender gilding that shows the high quality
of this deck. Collage art of soft delicate roses and romantic and natural images give this deck a
very feminine vibe that I quite enjoy while layering with my tarot cards.

ShopDarkMoonCrystals on Etsy has other oracle decks with similar stunning aesthetics,
as well as journals, tarot decks, and books that will be difficult to say no to.


This next witchy treat is just darling. Need help making a quick decision? Sometimes just
a yes or no answer is all we need! With this cat themed divination coin by NicolePiar on Etsy,
you’ll get just that but with the sweetest little art of witchy cats on each side of the coin. This coin
is not only perfect for divination but works as a talisman for abundance. This gold coin has more
weight to it than I was expecting, which I really enjoy. I keep it with my other little witchy trinkets
or I use it to weigh down my tarot cards if I’m ever doing readings outside.

NicolePiar has oracle cards, stationery, and prints of her witchy kitty art on her etsy shop,
as well as many more magickal items!


Okay and last but not least for this article is a divination tool that I wish I had discovered
years ago. WanderingsByMingucci on Etsy makes a casting board that can be used for charm,
and rune casting as well as a pendulum board which will take your divination practices up to a
whole new level! This casting board is not only pretty to use but super convenient to take with
you. This handmade casting board has the design burnt into leather that’s about 10 inches in
diameter. This can fit on any altar and can fold up easily to take with you in a bag or purse so
that you can travel with your divination tools and never be far away from guidance. This casting
board has many topics to allow you to be specific in your readings. Topics like family,
opportunity, friendships, shadows, and many more make this divination tool perfect for those
who want all the details.

Now you know how to find the perfect tools to make your Summer Solstice celebration
that much more magickal! Happy Solstice, witches!

Stevie Mitchell is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies. Her poetry has been published in City Weekly: Poets Corner, and the University of Utah's literary journal: The Canticle. She spends her time reading to better understand the world, and writing to better understand herself.