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11 GIFs That Will Get You Pumped for Halloween

If you didn’t know yet, it’s October! This wonderfully spooky month brings out the freak in everyone and encourages people to get outside their comfort zone, whether that means trying out an awesomely gory makeup look or brushing up on your fight or flight response in a haunted house. So if you aren’t already in the Halloween spirit, I’ve rounded up some pretty chilling GIFs to get those ghoulish juices flowing. And if you’ve been waiting for this holiday for 11 months and 30 days (it’s not like I have a countdown or anything) to let that freak flag fly, let’s rejoice with an elongated chillingly evil open-mouthed laugh lasting way too long — we made it! 


1. Let’s start with the classics, shall we? It is physically impossible NOT dance it out watching this bony bro breaking it down. 



2. Squad goals amirite. 



3. When everyone is on the dance floor, getting down and dirty in their cute costumes, and I’m just over here like: 



4. Getting asked to do Halloween activities that are only socially acceptable for kids under 12




5. Feeling so sexy in your Halloween outfit like 




6. When someone says Halloween isn’t the best holiday of the year: 



7.  HALLOWEEN AND CATS COMBINED!! If this doesn’t get you, IDK what will. 




8. In October, we wear black




9. When you’re watching the classic Halloween shows and someone says horror isn’t their thing 




10. The clock strikes midnight on October 30th, and you just feel it in your bones like: 



11. And finally, just a few more of our most favorite festive pumpkin man. The hero Salt Lake deserves: a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark (Pumpkin) Knight. 

Let the festivities begin!

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