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10 Tips on Redecorating Your Room for Spring

When my parents first came to America, they only had the suitcases in their hands to their name. Even though they could only bring a few things with them to make a new home, they were sure to pack as much artwork in their bags with them as they could. For as long as I can remember, no matter where my family was living, the walls were always bursting with color.

Even today, no matter where I’m living, I love decorating my room and putting as much color up on the walls as I can on my broke-college-student-budget. Your bedroom is a place to escape from the outside world, relax, study, etc. It’s a place of self-expression, so it should be a place you should enjoy being!

That’s why I think doing a “spring cleaning” this year and redecorating your room is a really fun and easy way to get organized and fall in love with your room all over again! Here are a couple cute tips for doing a cheap spring redecoration:

1. Tapestry

Hanging up a tapestry is a fun way to make an awkward wall look less boring. I have one draped over my bed like a canopy. You can definitely find cute ones with all kinds of designs and colors on Amazon for less than 20 dollars!

2. Twinkly Lights

They are cute and inexpensive, and you can probably find roughly a million examples of ways to hang them up on Pinterest.

3. Salt Lamp

These glowing Himalayan lamps not only look really cool but also have a lot of amazing health benefits! They help clean and deodorize the air in your room, neutralize radiation, and are environmentally friendly!

4. Posters/Art Prints

This one is a no-brainer, but posters by your favorite bands or of your favorite artworks is one of the best ways to personalize your room. Society6 has some fun and quirky posters that I really like!

5. Framed Photos/Art

This is another obvious one. Who doesn’t love putting up cute photos of friends and family on your walls? I like to buy postcards whenever I travel, and I love when people send me them too, and I often frame my favorites and hang them on the walls, too.

6. Thrift Store Decor

The hunt for the hidden gems at the thrift store makes those purchases that much more worthwhile. Plus, they are definitely inexpensive purchases. I’ve come across some adorable signs and wall art in thrift stores, so definitely check out a local store!

7. Personal Mementos

Movie tickets, plane tickets, football game tickets… I like to tack those onto a board on my desk, so when I get stressed doing homework, I can look at all the fun times I’ve had in the past year and feel more positive.

8. Your Own Artwork

I am no Picasso-protégé, but one of my favorite things to do with my friends on the weekends is painting together. It’s usually silly, and a ton of fun, and you can end up with some pretty awesome and personal artwork to put up in your room.


Plants are so calming and make a room feel a lot happier. Put some flowers in an old jar on your desk, or some small potted herbs. If you don’t have a green thumb, try a succulent!

10. Pillows and Throws

I steal all of the old pillowcases and blankets from my parent’s house and throw them around my room wherever I can. A pretty printed blanket draped over a chair could be a nice way to add color to your room. 

We hope you steal some of these tips and redecorate! 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor
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