10 Reasons You Shouln't Be Ashamed To Be A Confrontational Person

We know that we may come off as intimidating, rude, diva-ish but when it comes to telling someone the way you feel it is always better to just get to the point and skip the confusion; "the truth hurts" but someone has to do it, someone has to say it, if not for ourselves, then the world...okay, over-exaggerating but in the day by day situations, confrontations are unavoidable whether, in school, home, work confrontations will be present. And yes, sometimes what we have to say may be harsh, but it's honest and if anything, we weren't afraid to face the outcome. 

1. You Tell It Like It Is

Brutal? Maybe...sometimes, but it's better than sugarcoating the facts.

2. People Seek Your Advice

You aren't afraid to give your two-cents, and many people benefit from that investment.

3. People Respect You

Being able to confront people no matter the outcome means no can take advantage of you.

4. You Radiate Dignity and Pride

Work it, girl!

5. People Admire That You're Bold

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

6. You're Honesty Is Appreciated

It's hard to find honest people these days, we're a rare gem to find.

7. You Take Charge of a Situation

You're not a pushover and know when the line has to be drawn.

8. You're Always Your Authentic Self

We confront ourselves more than we confront others, we know we're not perfect and don't expect others to be either.

9. You Take Risks That Challenge Society

The reaction to confrontation is scarier than the actual confrontation, but hey...risks are necessary.

10. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

Confrontation is uncomfortable, unfair and sometimes messy but a necessary life skill that helps you succeed, "with great power, responsibility."