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10 Guys Who Flawlessly Rock the Man Bun

Man buns. What do you think, yay or nay? Personally, I’m a fan. Any guy I see with longer hair or a man bun, I’ll do a double take. How could I not? It’s hot. Really hot. In honor of my obsession (and yours too, I hope!) I have found 10 guys who I think completely rock this look flawlessly. This list may turn into every celebrity crush I’ve ever had, but at least they all rocked the bun. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the ground… ;)

1.   Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper can do no wrong in my eyes. I mean it. He is my number two celebrity crush (recently bumped by Josh Duhamel), so seeing that he rocked a man bun for awhile, I died. If he gets that man bun back, who knows he may become my number one celebrity crush again! 

2.   Orlando Bloom

A guy with an English accent is all it takes to make a girl swoon. Add a man bun and he could probably get absolutely any girl he wanted. I mean Orlando Bloom was married to former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, so my point is made!

3.   Chris Hemsworth

Hey there, People’s Sexiest Man Alive!  Need I say more?

4.   Leonardo Dicaprio

Who would I be to ever leave Mr. Dicaprio out of any list?! I think he wore his man bun way before anyone else did. So to that I want to thank you Leo, for inspiring others to wear the irresistable man bun.

5.   Jake Gyllenhaal

Love and Other Drugs, anyone? I think Jake looks his best when he’s wearing the grunge look. It might just be my east coast/ Vermonter roots in me, but a man bun with a beard? I’m into it.

6.   Harry Styles

This is for all you One Direction fans out there. He definitely owns his man bun. He looks good.

7.   Jason Momoa

I don’t watch Games of Thrones, but I’m starting to think I should. Jason not only wears the man bun flawlessly, but you can tell he’s a bad boy type, and I know I’m not the only girl who gives the bad boy’s a second glance. The verdict is in: If Jason Mamoa is in it, I’m into it.

8.   Charlie Hunnam

Man oh man do I wish Charlie Hunnam stayed on as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean then I might of been able to take the movie seriously, but that’s not to say I didn’t love it because I did. Picture this though: “Mr. Grey will see you now,” and Charlie Hunnam (Mr. Jax Teller) is standing inside the office waiting for you. All of I have to say is, yes. 

9.   Zach Nichols

This might just be me, but Zach from MTV’s The Real World: San Diego, and The Challenge almost rocks the man bun better than any celebrity on this list. He’s hot, he’s funny, and he looks like Thor. He’s the full package!

10.   Mystery Man 

I have no idea who this guy is, but that man bun and beard are perfect. He’s perfect. You’re welcome.

Vermont native. Salt Lake City resident. Ellie Briggs is currently majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at the University of Utah. She is serving as the Campus Correspondent, Co-President, and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Utah, along with Mietra Aarabi. When Ellie is not focusing on her studies, writing, or editing countless articles, you can find her brunching with her sister and laughing at her own jokes. Follow her on Instagram @elliebriggs and Twitter @ellbriggs - she promises you won't get bored!
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