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10 Cheap Eats in SLC Collegiates Can Actually Afford

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s no secret that college students are broke. Yet, we still seem to be able to scrounge some money to eat out. When we do it’s usually nothing glamorous, somewhere along the lines of ordering a kids’ quesadilla at Café Rio or picking up a five dollar pizza from Lil Caesars (which you can make last for two meals). At some point in this routine of eating crappy cheap food, we lose our cool and decide to treat ourselves to a more expensive meal like Bombay House, Red Rock, or Tsunami Sushi. Not many students know that this cycle of spending can easily be broken. You just have to look around for the right places. Salt Lake has plenty of unusual or unknown restaurants to get reasonably priced food that have gone under the radar for far too long. It is much more satisfying to mix it up when you go out and explore some different options than the usual.

El Viroleno

 471 W 800 S, Salt Lake City

You can’t go wrong with some quality Salvadorian food. This place is family owned and has food made from scratch. You also get the best bang for your buck with meals for fewer than ten dollars. Delicious pupusas alone are $2.25 each. You can also order a side of rice and plantains, a very fulfilling and authentic meal.

All Chay

1264 500 N, Salt Lake City

Locally located in Rose Park, this family owned vegan Vietnamese restaurant is an unexpected find. With a super friendly staff and cheap prices, not only will your hipster vegan friends want to eat here but meat lovers as well. The dish called ‘ocean love’ features vegan shrimp that tastes authentically real.

Sushi Burrito

180 800 S, Salt Lake City

Exactly as the restaurant indicates this place makes sushi burritos. A sushi burrito is literally like a piece of sushi magnified to the size of a burrito. It is amazing. For around 7-8 dollars you will be very pleased with your order.

Cafe Anh Hong

1465 State St #12, Salt Lake City

If you’re getting sick of Americanized Chinese noodles and orange chicken, try some authentic dim sum. This place has great inexpensive yet savory cuisine with a price range of about ten dollars and large proportions.

Greek Souvlaki

 404 Broadway, Salt Lake City

With Yeeros (Gyros) for $5.79 this place is a must try. The service is fast and they offer good vegetarian options as well. Who doesn’t love meat and pita? Don’t even get me started on hummus.

The House of Tibet

145 1300 S, Salt Lake City

Have you ever heard of a momo? Because of you haven’t your life is about to get significantly better. Momos are soft, warm tender dumplings full of potatoes, peas, and spices cooked to perfection; steamed or fried. There is an eight dollar all you can eat lunch buffet from noon to three. Or you can get other delicious things like spicy potatoes, stir fry noodles, curried chicken, and rice pudding (if you have enough room in your stomach).

Siegfried’s Deli

Arrow Press Square Shopping Center, 20 200 S, Salt Lake City

If you have never tried genuine German food you are missing out. Try all kinds of foods that you aren’t really sure how to pronounce but all delicious. Plus, you won’t have to wait all year for Oktoberfest to satisfy your inner German. This deli also features imported foods, chocolates, and sundry items you can buy.

Pig & a Jelly Jar

401 900 S Suite A, Salt Lake City

This breakfast and lunch joint is the most expensive and the most American of the rest of the options listed, but you can still you can find good deals for delicious food. On Thursdays, chicken and waffles are half off making them a measly five dollars for a satisfying meal. You can also get free toast and jam by making a yelp review.

Tacos El Toro

 50 800 S, Salt Lake City

Located on the south side of the Sears parking lot are some of the best and cheapest tacos in town. You can also get a four dollar quesadilla or burrito. You pick all your own fixings and salsas and they roll the burrito for you. Satisfy your drunchies with better quality than Taco Bell, you hung-over self will thank you.

O’Shucks Bar and Grill/ Ahh Sushi!

22 100 S, Salt Lake City

On Wednesdays not only do we wear pink, but we also get cheap sushi and goblets of beer. At this joint bar/restaurant you can get discount sushi specials (usually half price regular rolls for around three dollars) and three dollar schooners of beer, which are approximately the size of a goldfish bowl. You won’t regret spending your hump day here.

Enjoy your meals while finally saving your money! No more cringing at the thought of eating something delicious.

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor