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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

My sister and I are each other’s world, in fact, Marissa is reading over my shoulder as I type this. From the second she was born, she was my soul mate. It was as if the other part of me was born. It was like when Jacob saw Reneseme in Twilight. Pure magic. And these are our favorite parts, written together, as sisters, best friends, and soul mates. So go thank your sister today!

1.     Born In Play-Mate

Need someone to play Barbie’s with? We’d look no further then the room we were in. When we got older it was a built in shopping partner who ultimately told you whether you look like Lady Gaga in a meat dress when you try to wear red, or if you look like Kate Hudson in everything she wears (that woman is a goddess.) And now that we’re in college, studying has never been easier! Grab two skinny vanilla lattes with extra caramel and we’ll study the night away.

2.     Automatic Clothes. Shoes. Make up. You name it.

If you are fortunate to have the same shoe size this is a miracle and a half, we shared clothes all of the time growing up, we’d buy one shirt and share it so we had twice as much clothes. Now that we’re a little older and saving money, why would we buy two cartons of milk when one does the trick for half the price? Sisterhood is real when you like the same Almond milk brand.

3.     Girl Talk. Girl Talk. Girl Talk.

Your sister knows you inside and out, she has lived with you during the phases of life when you were so sick you had to watch Wheel Of Fortune re-runs and she knows how happy you were when you finally passed that dreaded drivers test, she knows you. She knows you inside and out. Who better to tell you whether or not the guy you’re into is a complete and total Zac Efron then the girl who completely knows what you’re looking for?? But she’ll also throw out the fact that he might be like Kanye West at the Grammy’s. And don’t worry, in the end you’ll thank her for that.

4.     Mommy and Daddy Dearest.

Growing up in the same house with the same rules and with the same moral background, you understand how you were raised. When your mom freaked out at you for being out a thousand hours past curfew, she was getting in trouble too. You can rely on her for a person to vent to for everything you feel was completely unjust. But, she also understands the positives. She is getting a little extra money in her bank account too because your mom loves you both so much. It happens and only she can understand the good and bad.

5.     The Rest of The Family

Lets just say you have a built in buffer for all awkward moments at your families summer beach vacation. When asked why you’re still single even though you are just soooo pretty, she’ll hop in and say proudly, “Did you hear she was accepted to be a writer for Her Campus? She’s amazing!” (True story people!)

6.     Never Alone

The best part of having a sister is that you are never alone, you always have someone who wants to live with you and be near you. You two are more then best friends, you can practically read each others thoughts. You are never alone because she is always in your head, constantly which leads us to #7.

7.     WWSD?

What would sister do? Every difficult choice (and easy choice, let’s not lie) you run past her for her opinion. “Should I apply for the Peace Corps.?” to “Should I get the chocolate cake or the salad?” all of these decisions are shared and discussed because it ultimately affects the other person. If she gets a salad, I’m stuck stealing bites of lettuce instead of devouring her frosting. And that sucks.

8.     Automatic Likes/Favorites

Kay, if your sister doesn’t like and favorite everything on your social media then bring this up to her and tell her it needs to change. And if you’re the one who isn’t favoriting, sister it up. Now.

9.     Partner In Crime

If I had a dollar for how much trouble my sister and I got into, my sister and I would, well honestly, we probably would just spend it, but the point is is that we get in trouble together. Separate we are pure delights, but put us together and it is an uncontrollable mess of laughter, unfinished sentences, and inside jokes. And we cant stop, wont stop.

10. Partner In Life

Just like I wont get in trouble without her, I wont go through life without her. She is my other half, my soul mate. She is the moon and I am the sun, if this was a really good song those would be the lyrics. Just like I held her hand the day she got braces, I’ll hold her hand the day she gets married, the day she has children of her own, and the day she graduates form college. Because, we are sisters, we stand together. The Cheetah Girls had it right. (Also, if you don’t remember the Cheetah Girls, just please go watch some decent movies.)

Julianne serves in the role of Community Development Associate, directly working with chapters and expansion. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2018 with a triple major in Political Science, Film & Media Art, and Communications with minors in Health and Theater. Julianne served as a Campus Correspondent for Utah for 3 years, as a Chapter Advisor for 2 years, a Campus Expansion Assistant for 2 years, and as a High School Ambassador Advisor. New to Boston, Julianne can't wait to eat as much seafood as was deprived of her after living in the mountains for most of her life. In her spare time, she loves to ski, watch an unreasonable amount of movies, and write!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor