Why I’m always wearing my letters

Wearing my letters is a privilege that I never take for granted. I get to represent my sorority and our values everyday and it is a feeling I’ll never shake.




  1. I’m proud to represent our core values

I live and breathe each one of our values and it shows, day in and day out.

2. I'm proud to support my sisters on campus

Each one of my sisters is unique and special and they all contribute to our melting pot.

  1. I’m proud of who I have become since joining Pi Phi

My big, my littles, and all my sisters have made me into the strong woman I am today.


  1.  I get to connect with other Pi Phis around the country

            No matter where I go, I know I’ll find a fellow sister.


  1. I get to share my love for Pi Phi with everyone on campus

Someone will always ask me why I joined and I will always be willing to share.