Tips for Packing your Best

Packing for a trip can be stressful, messy, and confusing. With spring break closing and some people still bopping around and taking trips, take a look at these quick tips to pack with ease!


1. Pack lighter than you think!

Whenever people usually pack, they bring so much unnecessary things they never needed in the first place and their bag weighs them down. People usually tend to pack a lot more outfits than needed. Try to plan what you’re going to wear each day before you go and bring stuff you usually like to wear. Because let’s be honest, if you’ve owned that all white linen outfit for three years and haven’t worn it yet, are you really going to wear it now?


2. Pack comfortable shoes

Whenever you’re packing, you probably put your best-dressed picks in there, which can be nice for a quick dinner out, but those wedges or loafers won’t do you any justice with a lot of walking involved. Make sure to pack at least one pair of good walking shoes for seeing the sights and experiencing the culture!


3. Organize your bag into sections

A lot of people last minute stress pack and end up throwing a lot of things into an unorganized, jumbled mess, which won’t help you once you arrive at your destination! Try organizing your bag into clear sections, and putting things like your toiletries, jewelry, etc. into their own little organized bags to make everything easier to find.


4. Make a packing list

Making a packing list is the key to making your packing a breeze. Once you’ve already done the hard part and decided what you need to bring you can just check the list and find everything you need with ease without any of the hard decision making.


Hope you find these tips useful and use them to help as you travel to all your adventures!