Face Masks You Never Knew You Needed

Skincare has become even more of a rave than makeup has lately and due to that, so many products come out that we never even see most of them! Many of us go to the store, decide we need a movies, wine, and face mask night and just grab the first one we see on the shelf. However, what we don’t realize, is that there are so many different kinds and each one has different purposes! Below I have curated a list of some of my must-have favorite ones.


1. Yes to cucumber sheet mask

This mask is cooling and hydrating and is a nice easy one to throw on.


2. I Dew Care disco kitten mask

This mask comes with a brush you paint onto your face and stays on for about 20 minutes before you peel it off. Plus, it makes you look like a disco ball.


3. Sephora lip mask

This mask is great because it only covers your lips and leaves them feeling like you just applied a whole container of lip balm, silky and smooth.


4. Glow recipe watermelon sleep mask

This mask is fun because firstly, it smells like watermelons, and secondly, you put it on and actually sleep with it on, then rinse it off in the morning, which leads to a very refreshed feeling!


5. Keihl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

I really don’t know what I would do without this mask. It’s a thick gray clay you paint over your face and once it dries you wash it off. Every time I use it I feel as though it’s taking every last toxin out of me and leaving me with brand new, perfect skin.