Dining Hall Seating

It’s time to sit down and take your seat in the Ultimate Dining hall on UT’s campus.  You may think the quirks of high school disappear once you enter college, but one aspect does not change in that transition. In college we can pick our own seats in class, but the cafeteria is completely different situation as some students/groups always sit at the exact same tables/areas.  Here is a list of the tables you always see occupied by the same smiling faces.

The Swim Team

They sit here for every meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a team. They use the entire table as they need the space to fit the team. I think it great that they continue to bond outside of the pool.


The Men and Women’s Basketball Teams

They sit right by entrance, and usually their coaches are with them as well. You never see the men and women’s teams eat together, they eat at separate times. Also this area could not fit both teams at once, they must share the space.


One-Plate Eaters

These tables have the most scenic view in the dining hall. They also only have two high-top chairs, which is why you will always see student by themselves, and in 20 minutes or so they will be done with their meal, hence one plate and go.


Just like Church

Students who sit as these tables may not be affiliated with a religion, but they sit at tables like Church-goers do at a service; they sit at the ends of the long tables.  It makes it difficult to get in and out as the ends are filled, but they can get up and leave quickly once they are done eating; just like when church is over.

Carb Loaders

The students who sit over here are eating plenty of carbohydrates and protein to fill up their stomachs and fuel their bodies for an intense workout session at the new fitness center on campus. You have to eat enough calories to burn them off.


The Unseen Eaters

Students and dining hall employees sit here because they are trying to have a peaceful, quiet, and restful lunch in the comfy booths.  I am not sure how it is calm and relaxing to sit here as they are sitting directly next to the used plate station which is noisy and smelly. 


The Unknown Area

Does anyone even sit here or know it exists? It is a small private back corner that is distant from all food stations.  Maybe that is why no one sits here; they would rather be closer to either the grilled chicken, salad bar, or ice cream machines.


The next time you enter the dining hall you will most likely see these students sitting at their usual designated areas, unless you go during an odd hour when the cafeteria is in between meals.