Why I Don't Care for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has never really been my favorite holiday. No, I don’t suddenly get jealous of everyone in relationships. No, it’s not because it is one of the most expensive holidays for America. (Although I will quickly point out that according to the National Retail Federation, $19.7 billion dollars was spent in the United States for Valentine’s Day.) And no, it’s not because I’m single.

The main reason that I don’t really care for Valentine’s Day is because I would rather have my significant other do something special for me because they wanted to, not because everyone else around them is doing it and there is so much pressure to perform some act of kindness. If you don’t do something for your significant other on this one special day, then suddenly you’re perceived as someone uncaring.  To me, it would have more value if it’s more random and out of the blue, not on a scheduled day decided by the rest of the world.

Another reason I don’t care for Valentine’s is because I believe that you shouldn't only show that you care for your significant other on only one day out of the year. Yes, Valentine’s Day is supposed to remind us to let the people we know love them, but if we really loved them wouldn’t we do it year round instead of on just one day?

In my opinion, social media doesn’t help Valentine’s Day either. I’m also a believer in keeping your relationship out of social media because it isn’t anyone else’s business except you and your partner’s. However, on Valentine’s, everyone wants to show off their significant other, which is totally fine, but if you’re buying them gifts and taking them fancy places to show them off to people who follow you rather than because you care about that person, that’s where the problem lies.

If you celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day, that’s awesome. I’m not trying to convince you that it is an awful holiday and shouldn’t be celebrated. I’m simply saying that these are my reasons for not really caring for it.



Alyssa Harmon