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Two Student Leaders Give Their Tips and Tricks to Their Success

The time is coming where more and more on-campus organizations are hiring. While some students have already applied for those jobs, there might be some students who are too nervous to apply because they don’t know if they have what it takes to be a student leader.

To help ease those students’ worries, I spoke to two of the most involved students on campus, Kevin Patrick and Taylor Singleton, and asked for their tips and tricks on being successful student leaders.

Kevin Patrick is a sophomore Marketing major. Kevin’s list of involvements on campus is quite impressive. As a freshman, he was in the traditions committee and general member for HAB and a set-up crew member for USC. Now, he’s the Director of Stage Acts for HAB and an administrative assistant for USC. He’s also an RA, USF Ambassador, President of Pride, Vice President of Marketing for Dance Marathon, and he’s in training to be a campus navigator. 

“I wasn’t involved too much in high school as much as I would have liked to have been, so I decided to get more involved in college. I was also super awkward my freshman year [of college] so I was hoping that getting more involved would make me get out of my shell,” Kevin said.


As for tips to balancing his jobs, maintaining his studies, and keeping up with his social life, Kevin said being really organized, having a set schedule, and being really flexible with his time helps a lot.


“Know how to say no to people because if you say yes to everyone you’ll be spread too thin,” he said. “If I get too stressed, I take mental health days. I go for walks, listen to Taylor Swift, watch Netflix, run, etc.”

Kevin says prioritizing is the most important thing. “Some things need to be done before others, so focus on those things first.”


Kevin’s advice to the students who are nervous to become student leaders is to just try it out.  “Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, it might be scary, but it will be worth it.”


As for what Kevin has gained from being a student leader, Kevin says he has broadened his communication skills, stepped out of his comfort zone, learned to conduct himself in a professional setting, and made many friends.


Taylor Singleton, a Junior Education Major with a Minor in Art History, is also extremely involved on campus. Taylor is the Programming Chair and President for RHA, President and Co-Founder of Disney and the Bulls, a Compass Peer Coach, an Orientation Leader, Treasurer for the Herd Step Team, a Site Leader for two Alternative Spring Break Trips, an Evening Desk Assistant for Housing and Residence Life, a Spectrum Multicultural Leadership Lead Mentor, a newly certified Safe Zone Facilitator, and a Building Manager for the University Student Center.


Her reason for having so many on-campus involvements? “I love being the socialite and the head-honcho of fun! I also love serving as an inspiration to others.” Taylor says.


The million dollar question is: how is Taylor able to balance all those involvements on top of her studies and social life? Taylor told me the four Pro Tips she lives by:

  • Pro Tip 1: If you make your leadership positions your social life that makes life much easier.

  • Pro Tip 2: Use Google Calendar like your life depends on it.

  • Pro Tip 3: Get your 8 hours of sleep.

  • Pro Tip 4: Get your homework done early.


Taylor’s words to any students who are considering getting more involved on campus but are nervous is, “Come talk to me. Sometimes we need someone to ignite that passion, ease our worries, or be our guiding and helping hand, and I can certainly help you with any of those. Every person has the potential to become great, sometimes we just need a nice push.”


HC with care,

Kelli Carmack


**Photos Courtesy of Kevin Patrick and Taylor Singleton


Hi, I'm Kelli Carmack! I am a senior Mass Communications Major at USFSP with a minor in Art History. I'm currently the Co-President of Her Campus at USFSP, a leadership role I hold dear to my heart. I have some pretty big dreams for myself. I plan on getting into the broadcast journalism and/or entertainment field. I hope to one day be the next Barbara Walters, sitting down with prominent people and asking them those hard-hitting questions. While I'm not busy focusing on my career goals, I enjoy going to the beach, painting and reading!
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