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How would you feel if you had a couple of needles going into your skin to deposit ink that permanently creates a silly little picture on your body? If you answered “HELL YEAH” then welcome to my rant about why I love love love getting tattoos. Currently, I have seven tattoos and have plans for many more. To be quite honest, I plan on spending most of my money on artwork that will be on my body for the rest of my life.

Now, there are people I have encountered who either do not understand why I would want as many tattoos as I do or get any at all. I have heard arguments from “why would you ruin your beautiful skin” all the way to “you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery with tattoos.” There have been many other unnecessary comments that I have heard, but these are the most common or extreme. However, I do not get tattoos for other people, I get them for me. They are a personalized way that I can express myself. Most of my tattoos were personally drawn up and have either a special meaning or a fun and interesting concept. There are few things that you can do that are specialized to each person or as unique as being a permanent part of your body. Especially because when someone sees you, they will also always see your tattoos.

For instance, you can express yourself through hair, makeup, clothes, piercings, etc. But, in my opinion, there is still not 100% personalization. With clothes, for example, you can buy very cool and funky clothes, but it is still made in bulk most of the time. While, with tattoos, I can get a completely personalized and unique tattoo that will be on my skin forever by working with the artist. I will have this tattoo on me forever, but a piece of clothing or jewelry can break or get ruined over time. Yes, tattoos can fade over time, but they are always there along with the memories they bring. However, even though it may not look as perfect as when you first got it years later, it is there, unlike worn shirts or shoes. You can take off a shirt and that piece of you is no longer there. A tattoo will be there no matter what.

The other reason I like to get tattoos is that they are a conversation starter. People like to know the story behind them, asking if my tattoos have meaning and if so, what the meaning is, or just to admire the artwork that I have on my skin. For me at least, I like to look at other people’s tattoos and see the artwork they chose to get, which is why I like the same to happen to me. Especially walking around a college campus, you can see so many cool tattoos, start a conversation about them, and maybe make a new friend.

There are many, many more reasons someone else may choose to get a tattoo, whether it be for cultural purposes or another reason that is their own. Everyone chooses to express themselves differently and this is my favorite (and most expensive) way to do so.

Hello! My name is Dorian, I am a writer for Her Campus at USFSP and this is my second year as a college student but have junior standing. I am a psychology major with a criminology minor. I am from Goshen, New York; no I am not from New York City! I was a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor for many years which came from my nine years of competitive swimming. I love working with the kids and seeing them and their skills grow and flourish. My career goal is to do behavior research on children with disabilities. I am highly interested in how the brain works and how it works differently in different people. In my free time, I LOVE to hammock and soak up the sun in my photosynthesizing time. I usually bring a silly little book with me or just chill with my friends. One of my favorite activities is going on random adventures with my friends and just letting the wind blow us wherever it may go. I have also recently begun to learn how to long-board. I also enjoy going to the gym with my friends to get those big muscles. Another one of my favorite activities is getting tattoos; my goal is to cover myself in art.