Summer Survival Kit 2016

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

As this school year quickly comes to a close, we are getting ready to kick back and relax for summer! Thankfully, Her Campus has pulled through once again with sponsors Monthly Gift, Brappz, CamelBak, Pure Silk, Spots, and Vera Bradley to provide us with some great supplies to take on the summertime sunshine.

Monthly Gift Little Black Boxes is a product I don’t know how I lived without before the Summer Survival Kit came. Not only does it provide your needed monthly essentials like tampons and pads, but it also includes chocolate! Ladies know how important chocolate can be during that time of the month; it can be the perfect medicine. This subscription-based service could become a lifesaver for us girls. Something interesting to note is that their app can help track your menstrual and ovulation patterns.

CamelBak’s Forge® Divide Travel Mug is different from your average CamelBak. Instead of the squishy straw we are used to, they have created this really cool squeeze valve that gives you better control of the amount of water that comes out. This is perfect for people who are more active because it is easier to just get a quick sip and be on your way. It also helps that they come in beautiful colors! We can see this mug becoming a staple in our summer traveling adventures.

Brappz straps could be used as bra straps, jewelry, hair accessories, shoe laces and more. This Swiss product really has limitless uses which makes it great for summer.

Pure Silk’s Shaving Cream is just what we need heading into summer because we need to keep those legs smooth for beach days! Their travel size also helps make them perfect for on the go and to take them with you on a trip.

Spots is a company that really has college students best interests in mind. This app can help students travel easier and cheaper. If you want to travel this summer, Spots might be the best solution for you to keep your trip affordable and for you to meet students in different areas. Also, if you are in need of some extra cash this summer you could put your own residence up on the app.

Vera Bradley has fun bright colored prints that will work well for the summer season or year round! They are stylish and functional, what more could you ask for? We just LOVE Vera Bradley products. You can never have too many.


Alana Long