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Stress Tips for Stressful Finals





As the semester comes to an end, there’s one last hurdle to overcome: final exams. Now I understand that the last thing you want to think about are finals. Like me, you’re probably focused on last minute assignments and projects that need to be completed and polished, or you’re attempting to squeeze in a few more outings with your friends before it’s time to go back home for the summer. Perhaps you’re even scrambling to attend a few campus events to celebrate the end of the semester. I know I am.

Despite all the distractions, final exams continue to loom above our heads like a wispy apparition, a ghost clinging to our ankles. I understand how daunting such exams can feel, especially if they’re for a difficult course (like my roommate who is taking calculus this semester…I’m praying for her), and as we prepare to leave college life behind for a few sweet months, the stress of last minute assignments and projects, moving out, and studying for final exams can not only become nerve-wracking but overwhelming.

Therefore, I’m going to share a few stress management tips that help me!

1. Take a break

Okay, I know. You’ve probably heard this a million times before, and I’m probably preaching to the choir. It is imperative, however, that you take a break when you’re stressed, as it could sometimes be the difference between you enthusiastically tackling your study sessions or ripping your hair out over the thought of looking at your notes. Remove yourself from wherever you are, whether it be the library or your dorm room or what-have-you and have your well-deserved break before you plunge right back into the deep waters that is studying.

2. Do a hobby

This is simple: pick a hobby of yours that you enjoy and spend a few moments away from your note doing it. For me, I enjoy writing creatively (i.e., poetry, novels, etc.), so whenever I’m too stressed over something, I tend to vent out my feelings via poetry or work on whatever writing project I’m doing. Sometimes, I do something as simple as browse social media to see what my family and friends are up to while I’m holed away in my dorm.

3. Hang out with friends/family

I recommend taking a break to spend time with friends and family, if you can. Sometimes being around someone you’ve known for years (or even weeks) can alleviate the stress in your shoulders and make you feel relaxed and ready for any challenge charging your way.

4. Drink chamomile tea (or any tea)

This is just a me thing since I love tea! Chamomile tea does help with stress (and insomnia!). It’s a very calming drink, and you can sweeten it with either honey or sugar (or both, if you have a raging sweet tooth like myself).

5. Write a check-list

This is another thing I happen to do when I’m stressed. I make lists of what I have to do. Sometimes, I’ll write them from most important to least, and sometimes I randomly jot them down. I find that writing lists helps ground me to reality and allows me to refocus on what’s important. It’s also very satisfying to strike a line through your list as you accomplish whatever’s written.

These are but a few stress management tips, but I hope I managed to help! Whether you choose to follow my advice or not, I wish you all good luck on any final exams you may have in the upcoming weeks.


Samantha B.

Samantha is a sophomore at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and is studying Psychology in the hopes that she one day becomes a counseling psychologist for teens and children. When she isn't in class, she enjoys to write, read, spend time with friends, and be an active presence on campus. She has a two-year-old dachshund she sometimes calls Dobby and a cat named Zoe back home. She is also an avid tea lover, and knows random tidbits of mythology from various diverse cultures.
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