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STOP in the Name of Safety

Photo provided by The Tampa Tribune


It was a normal Wednesday afternoon. Students were just getting out of class and all was well in the world…until they failed to stop at not just one, but three stop signs.

When leaving the parking garage, you should notice three red octagonal signs that read the word “stop” on them. Either many of the students and staff can’t read or they blatantly ignore the safety of their fellow peers and faculty.

In a ten minute period, from 1:52 to 2:02, only seven cars leaving the garage stopped at the stop signs. The other 50 cars that left the garage at that time drove right through them as if they weren’t even there. It was observed that the cars that stopped at one sign, stopped at them all, while people who didn’t stop at one, ran all three.

Although there is a clear danger here, the USFSP Police Department (UPD) can’t give tickets to people who run those signs. All they can do is give out warnings and tickets for careless driving. In an attempt to make the garage safer for foot traffic, UPD have put out more portable stop signs and painted the crosswalk the say “Stop Look.” This can help prevent a student from walking out into the path of an oncoming car by making them more aware. Lieutenant Oliver said the department is taking a proactive approach to increase the safety of the USFSP community.

Even though you won’t get a ticket for running these signs, by doing so you are putting the lives of your fellow Bulls in danger. We all want to feel safe walking and driving on campus, all it takes is a few extra seconds to fully stop and check the pathway ahead.

Drive Safe and go Bulls \m/

Above is a layout of the stop signs you pass when exiting the garage via 6th Avenue South.



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