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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

What does it mean to define yourself? Not by words necessarily, but by something you and the people who know you associate distinctly with you. It can take years and years to find that one thing. I call it a signature.

Merriam Webster’s definition of a signature references written word: a signature is signing one’s name to something. My use of the word is more figurative. To me, a signature identifies something as a person in particular.

To give more of an image to what I mean, I refer to my friend Lea.

Lea Whitley, 23, and I met through a mutual friend about two-and-a-half years ago. The first time we met, I was with our mutual friend while she did Lea’s makeup for a photo shoot. The first thing I noticed about her home was her three fur babies: two cats and one dog. But, the second thing I noticed was GLITTER EVERYWHERE. Container upon container of glitter, and every color you can think of. I was honestly kind of thrown off at first, and became confused.

I mean, what grown woman in the world needs or wants SO MUCH glitter? To me, it was messy and a waste of money. I was not allowed to use glitter when I was growing up. Then, our mutual friend began doing Lea’s makeup and it began to make sense. The glittering colors literally encompass who she is as a person.

As I spent more time with her over the next year or so, Lea began to explain her reasoning behind the collection.

“Glitter makes me happy; it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s my signature, and reminds me of the sparkle I want in my own life, in addition to being the effect I want to have on other people.”

Our signatures define us as individuals. Lea’s is glitter. It is sparkly, fun and eye-catching like her. My own is the color red; vibrant and powerful like me, or at least that’s how I view myself.

Red is not my favorite color. I actually hated it for a long time because I felt it brought out every red spot on my face and accentuated the unevenness of my skin tone.

Now, red is one of my favorite colors to wear because it is actually complementary to a lot in my appearance and personality. It balances out the “muddy” brown of my eyes in my opinion, and brings them to life, and makes me feel at home in my own skin instead of making me feel uncomfortable. No matter the time of year, red always finds a home in my wardrobe. My hair is currently fire red. My nails are ruby red. I am even wearing a dark red shirt. It is a defining factor for me.  

To me, red is a power color. It is compelling, sexy, flamboyant, and beautiful. It makes me feel strong and ready to take on the world. Red commands attention and that is my aesthetic.

A signature “thing” (object, color, idea or otherwise) can make one feel extraordinary because according to you, it is your thing. I hope everyone eventually finds something to call their signature.

What do you consider yours?





I am 22 years old, and a senior Mass Communications major at USFSP. I am a total foodie, and I love spending time with my cat, Tigger.
A Mass Communications Major with a passion for inspiring others.