Pre-fall Runway 2015

The New Year has just begun and with that comes a slew of new collections from our favorite designers. This year’s collections are exquisite and interesting. They’ll leave you reaching for your wallet without hesitation. As college students our imaginations can take us to a place where everything is possible and our wallets are as big as our dreams; unfortunately that isn’t the case for most of us. So, for now we’ll have to admire from afar and hope our hearts can take it. Here are some of my favorite collections of the pre-fall season, these are what dreams are made of. 



Why can’t women dress like men? Prada says we can. “I always think why can’t we have the same thing for women as for men?” Miuccia Prada. Their pre-fall runway show brings menswear to women. The models decked out in a sort of utilitarian uniform showcase the similarities and differences between men and women’s clothing. The button ups, coats, and dresses paired with combat boots ooze strength.  The useful clothes give us a sense of everyday uniformity and equality between the sexes. 




Peace and love are the two words that come to mind when viewing this collection. It’s filled with the couture house’s signature embroidery and floral prints with hard contrasting lines. The mixture of camo, stripes, and floral prints gave the clothing a late 60’s and 70’s vibe. The collection, while mixed, is cohesive, ethereal, charming, and romantic. “Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love” that sentence alone is enough to make a woman fall head over heels.  Which is exactly what you’ll do when you see the dress and sweaters with it etched onto them. The cornrows that all of the models donned gave the collection a refined edge and a sense of who this collection is for. I see this girl, she’s sweet, demure, endearing, and interesting. I know this girl and, I like her. 


Vera Wang

You can never go wrong with black; Vera has shown us how true that is. This collection seems to encapsulate the coming of age of Vera’s IT girl. Looking through the collection you can certainly see her evolution. From glittered blazers and shorts to sweeping evening gowns and structured coats, Vera has provided a look for each of our many selves. Vera’s girl started out as daddy’s little princess with a laissez-faire sense of rebellion and evolved into a woman with an air of cool sophistication.  


These 3 collections are just the tip of the iceberg of this year's Pre-fall runways. I hope that they’ve left you with a sense of wonder and an excitement for the future. As said by Valentino’s Grazia Chiuri “We want to believe in a fantastic future.”


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