Our 'Unplanned' choices

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization assisting men and women health since 1917. They are mainly known for providing abortions but their services includes education and support in sexual health issues. Recently we have seen defunding in Planned Parenthood by the Trump administration due to their abortion services. This has created great cuts in the organization forcing them to close down centers. Unfortunately, there are more patients than health providers to assist everyone. So what is this Unplanned movie and how does it play together?


Unplanned is about one of Planned Parenthood youngest clinic director, Abby Johnson, who became a pro-life patriot after assisting in an abortion procedure.  Well as I saw many agree in the comments when watching the trailer, it is a well-put together propaganda against Planned Parenthood. I will admit, I’m not a religious person but I will appreciate religious film that show the importance of faith, family or self-love. Unfortunately from what I saw, this film is selling their view of pro-life with false characterization of Planned Parenthood. The film depicts them as a high ranking influential corporation much like the National Rifle Association (NRA), as if they had resources to defame Johnson. Though this goes more into the subject of pro-life, I had not seen what options were given to the women who refused to go through with the abortion. Some reasons for abortion can be due to the women’s health of being unable to fully support a pregnancy or the result of rape but what I saw was the common case of teenage pregnancy. The film hits harder with abortion being banned in multiple states, including our own sunshine state following. A woman’s choice is a women choice, and in the end that is who should be signing off on those bills.


A woman’s choice should not be misled, so I will tell you this if you are questioning what you should do in this position. I know there are three options : adoption, parenting, or abortion. Each should be thought out carefully because this is another life. Abortion doesn’t always have to be the answer but if you are not ready for the responsibilities of another life, abortion and adoption are two choices to pick from. As a fellow women who has gone through some choices and known others to do the same, choose wisely and don't let anyone else force you to think otherwise.