Online Shopping Addiction, Do You Really Need a Cure?

Shopping bags or checkout carts, which is more efficient? Online shopping is a trend that has slowly but surely taken over the lives of young computer users. When ads of discounts and free shipping flood your email and social media, who wouldn’t take the bait? Not only is online shopping convenient, but you can also shop for items not sold in the U.S. You can buy things directly from China with free shipping! You could buy a twenty dollar top in America for only four dollars online! EBay can work wonders.

Other websites, like Etsy, give you the opportunity to purchase homemade products from people all over the country! You can buy anything from paintings and necklaces to homemade bath bombs! There are so many things to find online without the hustle and bustle of going store to store. With online shopping, you don’t have to go looking for sales or strain yourself with intense coupon cutting because the sales are emailed to you! If not, they will pop up randomly throughout your social media feed. There are countless clothing accounts on Instagram that have all the best sales, all you need is one code, and your order goes from a hundred dollars to fifty. Even Twitter is overflowing with 20% off deals! Even when checking your email for sales there are pop up ads on the sidebar with discounts calling your name. You could be casually scrolling through Facebook and then BAM, 70% off a beautiful contour pallet. You can’t move an inch online without a super sale catching your eye. It’s like your computer is your best girlfriend bringing you the sales they know you would want. You can’t say no!

Over time, the trips to the store start decreasing, and now the only shopping you walk for are groceries. You’re addicted.  You’ve become a slave to the click of savings, but are you suffering? With an outrageous amount of sales you didn’t even work for and everything and anything you dream of delivered to your doorstep, are you really at risk? I don’t think so.