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My First Time Meeting Sophia Bush and Visiting Chicago

Chicago PD is a show that consumed my life very quickly. I initially started watching because it stars one of my favorite actresses Sophia Bush. In the show she plays Erin Lindsay, one of the main characters. I thought I never had much interest in shows that revolved around police, crime, and death but the storylines transcend the traditional idea of police work. You start to develop an intense attachment to the characters. The storylines have you laughing, crying, and going through life with them.

After binge watching the first few seasons to catch up to the current season, I was hooked.

One day on Instagram I happened to see a post from Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead) promoting a convention called the One Chicago Heroes Event. At the convention fans would have the opportunity to meet cast members from various Chicago shows like Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med. I instantly went to the website and saw that Sophia Bush was going to be in attendance, and immediately planned a trip with two of my best friends.

Like the name would suggest, Chicago PD is shot in Chicago, which so happens to be one of the major cities I had not been to before. Meeting Sophia Bush, visiting a new city, and traveling with my best friends was a trip that I knew that I couldn’t miss.

We planned the trip from Thursday, March 1st to Monday, March 5th to take in as much of Chicago as we could. We landed Thursday morning and ventured to Lou Malnatis to taste the famous Chicago deep dish pizza. It was definitely a stark contrast compared to the Dominos us college kids can afford, but a difference I loved. So much cheese. So much bread. So much love I had for it. That night we went also to Wicker Park and explored the hipster environment and shops.

Friday we spent the day doing all the touristy things you think of when you think of Chicago. The Bean, Lakeshore Drive, walked around the city, and shopped for souvenirs. I even went to the location where the exterior of Chicago PD is filmed.

Living in Florida is basically summer 24/7 so my friends and I were looking forward to the cold Chicago weather. The windy city was a nickname it certainly lived up to, although it was fun to be able to wear all the cold weather clothes that Florida doesn’t allow us to wear most of the year.

Saturday, March 3 was the day I had been waiting for after having had my tickets for months. It was nerve racking knowing that I would be meeting someone that I looked up to so much. Someone who is such a voice for our generation. It’s rare that someone whose career you follow closely  is also someone you share similar views with, and someone who cares enough to try to enact as much change as possible.

When I saw Sophia walking with Jesse to the photo op station it was surreal. Seeing people that you watch on television on a daily basis in person is one of the oddest feelings. You feel like you know them when you see them on various shows and through social media, but when they are right there in front of you, you realize you really don’t. And they don’t know you. In the little time you have with them you want to make as big of an impression as you can, even though you somehow forgot how to pronounce your own name.

While waiting for my photo with Sophia, my friends and I were staring at the beauty that is Jesse. After moments of staring and drooling he noticed,smiled, and made a face at us. It was adorable and we all collectively died.

Meeting Sophia Bush was great to say the least. She was beautiful( and I wish I could own her outfit ) kind, and everything I thought meeting her was going to be like. I only wish it was longer. When I got an autograph from her I was able to have more of a conversation. I gave her a One Tree Hill photo to sign, which when she saw it said “awww you are such a cutie.” I complimented her on her jacket (it’s thrifted sorry guys) and asked her how her time was going.

And as long as I had waited for that moment it was gone even quicker.

Leaving the con was hard but I was thankful for the experience. Seeing all the people from the Chicago shows, feeling the energy, and meeting one of my favorite people is something I will always remember. I am forever thankful to everyone who organized the event and put in so much time and energy. Never had I been to an event where the customer service had been this helpful and willing to respond to any and all questions. I will be back to this con, but hopefully with more money to spend.

It made it a little easier that the con was located at Navy Pier, which was yet another attraction to visit. Keeping your mind distracted is a key to not slipping into that Post-Con Depression that I’m sure many of the people that went are feeling at this exact moment.

On Sunday we spent our last day going to the Art Institute of Chicago, shopping, and going to the Skydeck at night to view the city. The perfect end to the perfect vacation.




Imani Taylor

Hi! My name is Imani and I am a 21 year old Mass Communications major living in sunny Florida. I love traveling, listening to music and you, know, occasionally writing.
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