Meet Your Campus Cuties: Steven & Vincent Rescigno


Steven & Vincent Rescigno


Graphic Design & Marketing


How are you involved on campus?

S: I am involved in Harborside Activities Board and am director of the graphic design team. I work on HAB’s graphics; creating and working on their identity.

V: I am involved of Harborside Activities Board and am director of the Promotions team. I update HAB’s Facebook page as well as the website. I am also in charge of the promotions committee. We chalk sidewalks, hand out fliers and talk to students about campus events.


Why did you choose USFSP?

V: I’ve always wanted to go to USF.

S: I wanted to go to USFSP for the graphic design program.


Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

S: I would like to be a professional illustrator or concept artist. I would like to within the entertainment field, movie design or involved in the video game industry.

V: I would like to be CEO of an advertisement firm or a chief executive of a marketing team. Maybe be a freelance writer on the side.


Who are your heroes/role models?

V: Seth Godlin. He is an author and marketing guru.

S: Johnny Young Bosch. He is a widely known voice artist/actor for animation.


What are you greatest strength/weaknesses?

S: I am positive with my peers, passionate, movtivated and driven with my work and expressive, competitive and timid.

V: I am very personable and have the ability to communicate and present my point of view well. I am also calm and collected



V: I don’t believe in myself as much as I really should and I feel that I am not good enough. I indecisive as well, not being able to stick to one thing.

S: I can be arrogant at times and can overcomplicate things. I can also be over dramatic.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

S: Japan, because they are more technologically ahead than we are. They produce amazing work graphic wise and I am so fascinated with it.

V: Italy, because it’s where my family is from and is part of my heritage.


What is your greatest fear?

V: Spiders

S: Sharks


It’s Woman Crush Wednesday, who do you choose?

S: Melissa “Missy” Peregrym & Selena Gomez

V: Emma Watson & Megan Fox


It’s Man Crush Monday, who do you choose?

V: Shia Lebeouf & Andy Sixx

S: Leonardo Dicaprio & Cory Monteith


Any quotes you love?

S: If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

V: If the lizard isn’t listening, the lizard doesn’t care. 


*Main Photo Credit: Andrew Kramer

*Above Photo Credit: Dylan Madigan