Meet Stephanie Thompson

“I toured the campus and fell in love, it immediately felt like home!”

Stephanie Thompson is currently a junior majoring in psychology at USFSP.  Her favorite thing to do here is read or listen to music while sitting next to the water.

As a self proclaimed audiophile, Thompson collects vinyl records and likes to spend time listening to them often. Stephanie says that if she could visit space in her lifetime she would. She also loves to color in adult coloring books.

“It's incredible for stress relief, and the pages always turn out really pretty, too!” says Thompson.

Thompson plays an integral role in our USFSP community by being a Resident Assistant. She believes that it is vitally important to create a residential community that makes the students feel “at-home and comfortable”. That responsibility is especially important when dealing with first-year residents.

“ [I] think it's super valuable to have somebody there to help guide you through being away from home for the first time, and really making the transition to adulthood, and I want to be that person who really makes a positive difference in that transition,” says Thompson.
She loves being able to work with such an amazing team that wouldn’t have been brought together if it wasn’t for their job. It is also important to her to get to know her residents and learn about their hobbies and how they are adjusting to life in college.

“...just getting a glimpse into the lives of such unique and diverse individuals is super rewarding!” says Thompson.

Stephanie’s biggest inspirations are her friends.

“My friends are a really huge inspiration for me, they're constantly pushing me to be better, and I'm so thankful for that,” she says.

Stephanie has taken many steps towards becoming one of this school’s most prominent student leaders. Keep up the momentum!


Alana Long