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A Lipstick Lover’s Solution to Chapped Lips

I suffer from chronic dry lips. A tragedy, I know. While it can be fixed by simply slapping on some lip balm, sometimes lip balm doesn’t exactly go with the look I’m after. So, what’s a beauty addict to do?

Well, I’ve found an answer. The product I currently can’t live without is Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense. I’ve acquired two already and I’ve got my eye on the next purchase already. Nothing says fall better than a new, vampy lip color.

For those who aren’t familiar with the original Chubby Sticks, they’re basically a compact, roll-up tinted lip balm. The formula is beautifully hydrating but lacks that distinct punch of color that lipsticks bring to the table.

Chubby Stick Intense, on the other hand,  combines the comfortable wear with some serious pigment. The website describes them as “A soft cushion of colour that’s not quite sheer, not quite opaque- just the perfect happy medium.” However, I find that these babies do make the full transition into the realm of powerfully pigmented lipsticks.

One swipe provides an impressive pop of color. Case in point: my introduction to the line was the shade “heftiest hibiscus,” a vibrant red-orange hue. The color went on in a single swipe and stayed for a considerable time. It was instantly transformative.

The formula is also extremely comfortable on the lips. I’ve worn lipsticks that feel like they’ve begun sucking the moisture from your mouth from the minute they’re chosen. The Chubbies however, are formulated with nourishing vitamin E and “comforting oils.” Now, I couldn’t tell you what it is exactly that makes these oils oh so very comforting. But, I can testify that my lips are at least 40% more kissable when I’m wearing them.

Another unsung-hero-moment is that it fades evenly. You won’t be taken aback when you look in the mirror a few hours after applying to patchy looking lips. As the Chubby Stick fades, it leaves a just-bitten/popsicle stain. Hours after wear, lips will look healthy, even if they’re not as decked out as originally intended.

At $18.50, Chubby Stick Intense provides the perfect in-between for lipstick lovers and chapped lip sufferers alike. While Heftiest Hibiscus served me well as the tropical heat color of my dreams, the transition to fall is just begging for a new look. Broadest Berry, I’m coming for you.


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