Legendary Lover's Social

There was more than just love in the air at the Legendary Lovers Social sponsored by Student Government this past Friday. With hearts everywhere, scrumptious brownies, and an ever-popular photo booth for party-goers to snap shots, it was a night to be remembered. DJ Austin Piazza spun some amazing tracks with everyone participating in the Cupid Shuffle, showing off their Gangnam skills and doing the Dougie.

This was USFSP’s first Legendary Lovers Social and many legendary couples came to life as students danced the night away. Many were original and very creative. Some of the couples included Barbie and Ken, Minnie and Mickey and Ariel and Eric from the Little Mermaid.

All of the couples lined up for the best couple contest and the audience members cheered the loudest for their favorite couple as they were each introduced. In the end, Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy took home the win as the crowd’s favorite.

It was most definitely a night to remember!

All Photos Credit to: Andrew Kramer