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Kanye West x Adidas Originals


If ordinary fashion shows are seen as an escape, an unattainable dream than its fair to say that Kanye West’s recent Adidas collaboration at fashion week is an abrupt drop to reality. This collection portrays the real world in all of its brokenness. “We came into a broken world. And we’re the cleanup crew. And we’re cleaning up by helping each other.” Kanye West, Exclusive: The Kanye West Interview, Style.com by Dirk Standens

West is using fashion to break down barriers. His clothing is the polar opposite of what is normally shown at Fashion Week. Gone was the world of sleek and shiny elitism, watching the unveiling of the collection transported you to the starkness of the real world. A world of struggle, a world you need to fight your way out of.

The models, embossed in full body hosiery, torn sweaters, and camouflage seemed to embody a silent army. An army of misfits ready to state their claims. This collection is meant to speak to people, to the community, to the individual. It is simple with a clear motivation.



The clothing should be able to easily assimilate into your wardrobe. They aren’t meant to fight or out shine, no, they’re meant to become friends with the clothes already residing in your closet.

“I’m not here for this to be about me. I’m here to help people. I’m here to help the 14 year old version of myself that couldn’t afford shit.” Kanye West, Exclusive: The Kanye West Interview, Style.com by Dirk Standens

West has made it blaringly clear, that he wants his clothing to be made accessible to anyone and everyone. To him, clothing shouldn’t be about separating yourself from those who can’t afford high fashion. To him, we are all people and we are all equal.



While this collection has certainly gotten people talking, not all of the chatter is positive. Many of the fashion industry’s elite have come down hard on west’s collection. Renowned fashion publicist, Kelly Cutrone didn’t hold anything back when asked what she thought of West’s designs by People Magazine. “I just think that you should stay focused at what you’re good at. Just because you’re a good rapper doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer. ”

It seems that when it comes to all things Kanye, you either love it or you hate it. As for his collection, West’s billions of fans stand behind him, believing that all of its imperfections make it all the more beautiful.