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I Tried the KonMari Method and It Changed My Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

In case you haven’t been on the internet in recent weeks, there has been a new trend sweeping across disorganized millennials’ feeds- the KonMari Method. The whole concept behind this method is to take all the clothes from your drawers and closets, throw them on to your bed, and sort through it piece by piece. The goal here is to see how much clothing you actually own and to figure out which pieces actually ‘spark joy’. Sparking joy, to paraphrase the words of concept creator Marie Kondo, is to hold each item in your hands, and see if you want to carry that item into your future. It’s not so much about how much use you get out of something, but if it makes you happy to keep it.


“Discarding is not the point; what matters is keeping those things that bring you joy. If you discard everything until you have nothing left but an empty house, I don’t think you’ll be happy living there.” -Marie Kondo from her book Spark Joy


I first started the KonMari method because of the simple fact that I couldn’t stand my room anymore. As I am a little bit of a shopaholic, I have a hard time sometimes appreciating the thing I have. Most of my favorite tops get buried under the tops I have to wear for work or comfort, and thus get erased from my memory. The KonMari method teaches you how to fold in a method where you can visually see each article of clothing.


I got started with my sock/undie drawer by buying little dividers for each section. I’ll spare you the pictures. After that, I couldn’t stop. I thought about it all day at work and school and couldn’t rest until all my drawers were done. (I might be a bit of a Monica from Friends).


After everything was done, I felt so at peace. It wasn’t just the fact that I completed this huge project, but that it was actually going to benefit my life. Since finishing about two weeks ago, getting ready in the morning has been a total breeze and I have been getting so much use out of my favorite clothes. I will admit that refolding everything to put it back in its place is slightly annoying, but the satisfaction of keeping a neat room makes it all worth it. I think that this trend is one of the internet sensations that is actually worth trying.


Jamie Tremblay is a sophomore at USFSP. She is currently majoring in English with a concentration in Literature and Cultural Studies with a minor in Mass Communication. After completing her Bachelors she hopes to move onto graduate school in the Boston area. Her interests include reading, gardening, and biking. She is a food enthusiast and hopes this will help her break into the world of food writing and publishing one day.
A Mass Communications Major with a passion for inspiring others.