Gavin Degraw: Raw Tour

On November 3rd, 2017, Gavin Degraw brought his Raw Tour to Clearwater, Florida at the Capitol Theater.



I'm a huge concert-goer so when my friend Kelli, (co-president of Her Campus USFSP) told me about him coming to Florida, I jumped at the opportunity! I first started listening to Gavin’s music when I fell into the rabbit hole that is One Tree Hill. One of his most popular songs “I Don’t Wanna Be” was used as the theme song to the One Tree Hill title sequence and since that moment, I fell in love with his voice.


  • Chariot
  • Making Love with the Radio On

  • Crush

  • In Love With a Girl

  • Kite Like Girl

  • Candy

  • Best I Ever Had

  • Stealing

  • Run Every Time

  • Say I Am

  • Follow Through

  • Radiation

  • Something Worth Saving

  • Sweeter

  • Annalee

  • More Than Anyone

  • A Change Is Gonna Come

  • Hallelujah I Love Her So

  • Soldier

  • She Sets the City on Fire

  • Not Over You

  • I Don't Want to Be

As soon as Gavin came out on the stage and played the piano, he continuously throughout the 29 songs, delivered nothing but perfection. All the riffs, soul, and passion could be felt within every note sung and every key played.

A huge component of his show was the fact that everything was live. We have come to a time in music where vocalists will turn to auto tune, or tracks, at concerts to help them sing. Not this tour. Like the name suggests, it was raw. Every part of it was raw.

It was amazing to me how much power was behind Gavin’s vocals and playing considering the amount of songs he performed. His voice was unwavering, which was a feat to see.

Some of my favorites from the concert were Run Every Time, Chariot, I Don't Wanna Be, and Not Over You.

One of the highlights of the event for me was being able to meet Gavin Degraw after his concert. Waiting after the concert at a tour bus is never a sure-fire way to meet someone, especially after it seems like you have been waiting FOREVER. But then suddenly,  an angel appeared in the shape of a security guard and escorted us over to where we could wait in line to meet him. He was so humble to have us when it was our turn. After over an hour of singing and playing the piano he waited to greet and share small pleasantries with his fans, something I really respect.

Check out Kelli’s own thoughts on the concert:

“November 3rd is a day I will never forget. I’ve been a huge fan of Gavin for years now, so I was extremely excited to see him live for the second time (the first time I saw him was in 2012, where he performed in Tallahassee). The thing I admire most about Gavin, and what was clearly evident during his concert, is how much he cares about music. There was no autotune, backup dancers or distracting videos behind him as he performed. Just him and his piano, with the help of a spectacular guitarist and drummer, and he just sang from his soul. Getting to meet him that night was an absolute dream come true. I didn’t think it would happen. It was such a surreal moment, meeting someone you respect and admire so much. He was so sweet to me and all the other fans. You best believe the photo of us is my new screensaver! Gavin, I love you so much. Thank you for an amazing night.”

Though Clearwater was the second to last stop with Miami rounding out the tour, I highly suggest going to a Gavin Degraw concert if he ever comes to a city near you!


Imani Taylor