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Full time student and Full time employee… WHERE to start???


The goal of a majority of college students is to find the perfect job that pays well, is flexible and is a second home away from home (is that too much to ask? I hope not!). Some want to wait after college to seek out these amazing opportunities and others seek them out while in school. Why would someone do that? Why take on that burden? The reasons are simple: To help out at home or for college expenses, to start gaining experience while in school or simply because the opportunity presents itself.

But what happens if you are a full time student and the job is the typical, 8-4 full time job? Well, if you have the option (and this comes from personal experience), get one that is flexible and can work around YOUR class schedule. If the job does not allow for flexibility but is something you truly want, follow these tips:


This mainly applies for your classes. A calendar will help you stay organized by planning accordingly what to do when and at what time. And when I say calendar, I mean one you can write on; I am not a big fan of electronic ones, but find whatever suits you best. Devote specific days to homework and pick a day when you can stay away from it all; we all need relaxation.



Once you have that full-time job and when the next semester rolls by, try to schedule your classes for only twice a week or online (if you are fond of those). In my personal case, I am only able to take night or online classes, which I like. In the event that a class is offered in the afternoon, talk to your manager. See if you can work late some days to get off earlier in certain days.



The mother of evil, what hunts us day and night! Do not let it get to you! We think that by putting off a chapter reading, a 10-question quiz, some practice problems we are doing no harm, but when it all accumulates… YIKES! Do homework and study accordingly… Your calendar will help you stay on track.



Sleep will determine how your day goes. Sleep the necessary hours (5-8 depending on each person) and your day shall go well, do the opposite and everything can go downhill…we’ve all been there! Do not stay up late until the wee hours of the morning doing homework. If you follow your calendar, you shouldn’t have to.



And by eating well I mean good meals that are healthy and not too late at night. Seeing a pattern here?  Eat a well-balanced breakfast, fruits, and veggies, and stay hydrated, especially on those days when you have school right after work. Your brain gets exhausted from thinking and relies on good hydration. 



Having a full course load and a 40-hour work week on top of that is not for everyone but keep in mind that it is not impossible. If you don’t have to take on the responsibility, don’t do it; do whatever you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that we are in college for a reason, to better ourselves individually and career-wise meaning KEEP UP WITH YOUR GRADES. Know what you are getting into before making a commitment.
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