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Freshman Karishma Wows with Gorgeous Henna

Karishma Maharaj is a freshman student here at USFSP and is already on her way to making huge strides in our community.

Karishma is currently majoring in Global Business and is considering taking on a double major in English. She said that her favorite part of our campus is the waterfront.

Photo provided by Karishma

“I love how students can rent out a kayak or paddleboard for free… My favorite thing to do on campus is kayaking. Absolutely love it,” she says.

Karishma is one of the event coordinators for the Caribbean Cultural Exchange club, and she is also involved with the South Asian Dance Team at USFSP.

“We are currently practicing our dance for our event coming up toward the end of October,” she said.

When she isn’t busy with schoolwork, she loves practicing Indian/Bollywood dance because she likes how graceful the moves are.

Karishma is also a very talented henna artist who started around seven years ago when her aunt got married.


“I always loved doing art and design. I was always good at it; therefore, I decided to take it to the next level. I picked up doing henna fairly easy,” she said.

She now has a business where she does henna for weddings and events. It has allowed her to have a job doing henna art at multiple salons. Her business has expanded to include make-up services and threading eyebrows.

Fun Facts about Karishma:

·        Favorite Movie: Split between Lilo and Stich and Rush Hour 3

·        Her superpower would be having the ability to transport places quickly. That way she wouldn’t have to rely on anyone to go places, and she could go wherever she wants whenever she wants!


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