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leaves converse fall sneakers ground
leaves converse fall sneakers ground
Jackie Ryan / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

We’re almost halfway through the fall season, but it’s never too late for a new list of music. These are songs to listen to when you’re staring out a car window during a road trip, wanting something to vibe to while getting cozy or maybe you’re just looking for a few moody lyrics. 


Here’s a fall playlist for you:  

Glasgow- Catfish and the Bottlemen

Favorite lyrics: “On the walk back yours, you made me fall in love with Glasgow”

Downhearted- Molly Burch

Favorite lyrics: “I could be your dream girl / Your whole world / If you let me”

Life in the City- The Lumineers

Favorite lyrics: “Woah woah, living life in the city / Woah woah, it will never be pretty” 

Autumn Leaves- The Walters

Favorite lyrics: “And the autumn leaves are falling / I can not find my way”

Warm Honey- Willow

 Favorite lyrics: “Your heart melts into my cup / It tastes like warm honey”

Rollin’ Around- Nat & Alex Wolff

Favorite lyrics: “And I waited up all night my dear, / and I chased you through the day. / And I keep on asking questions dear, / but you don’t know what to say”

Panic Cord- Gabrielle Aplin 

Favorite lyrics: “Holding on to memories of you and me / We didn’t last a year, oh / We’re just a box of souvenirs”

Why Try to Change Me Now- Fiona Apple (cover)

Favorite lyrics: “I’m sentimental / So I walk in the rain / I’ve got some habits / Even I can’t explain / Go to the corner / I end up in Spain”

Automatic Stop- The Strokes

Favorite lyrics: “So many fish there in the sea / I wanted you, you wanted me”

The Wolves- Ben Howard

Favorite lyrics: “Because we’ve been fighting lately / We’ve been fighting with the wolves”


Decker is a mass communications major at USFSP with a passion for travel, fashion, art and music.
A Mass Communications Major with a passion for inspiring others.