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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

Spring break is a big deal among college students and is a staple in the American collegiate experience. There are many different locations that you can go to and are heavily visited by college students in March and April during the spring break season.  

Common Spring Break Locations  

Many spots, usually in Florida, have a high volume of college students visiting for the week of their spring break.  

Daytona Beach, FL – $ 

Daytona has many things for you to do, mostly these are outdoor activities. As most beaches do, there is a boardwalk and a pier to explore with many different gift shops, restaurants, and arcades for a bit of fun. If you wish to have some thrill-seeking adventures on your spring break trip, there are some rides at the end of the boardwalk that is open seven days a week. For some more thrills, there is also the Daytona International Speedway where the Daytona 500 occurs. There are so many options here, whether it be watching some NASCAR racing or getting a tour of the facility.  

Clearwater, FL – $ 

Clearwater’s beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico, which means that the waters there aren’t rough like the beaches on the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Perfect for spring break, the waters are very calm and relaxing so no worries about being pushed over by strong waves or losing those awesome sunglasses. Clearwater also isn’t far from the long strip of beautiful beaches starting with Indian Rocks and going south to Pass-A-Grille Beach. Clearwater also has a great aquarium you can visit with all the fun aquatic animals and fish.  

Miami, FL – $$$ 

Miami has many beaches for those who love the sun. However, there are many other things to do in the area, but there are some crowds, especially during spring break since the University of Miami is located in this city as well. Some other fun activities that don’t include the beach are Zoo Miami, Little Havana, which is a historic Cuban area in Miami, and Bayside Marketplace, which has many food options, shopping, and boat rides. 

South Padre Island, TX – $$ 

South Padre Island is the destination spot for spring break in Texas. There is a lot to do, with beach locations for you to soak up the sun. Since you are right on the water, a fun thing to do in the area is to go dolphin-watching. You can take a boat out to sea and hopefully spot some dolphins on your ride. Another activity to try is Adventure Park. With so many things to do here, you definitely will not be bored. There is horseback riding, ziplining, and many more things in this 40-acre park.  

Cancun, Mexico – $$$ 

Cancun is one of the most exotic of the common destinations on this list since it is out of the country. There are many tours you can take here to explore the history and culture of the area or visit the Coco Bongo nightclub for some late-night dancing. There are also many white sandy beaches here so no need to worry about not being able to get sun-kissed on your spring break vacation. 

All these locations are beachy and popular among younger crowds, especially during the springtime.  

Spring Break Without the Crowds 

There are many places, especially in Florida, that are VERY popular among college students and can get quite crowded and unpleasant if you just want to have a nice relaxing vacation. Fortunately, there are some alternative choices to these popular places. 

Portland, OR – $ 

Most college spring breakers stay in the country and find a beach to go to, so if you are just looking to have a good time, then find a place that has fun attractions but doesn’t have a beach. Portland, OR is the perfect place for spring break if you are a food and nature lover. They have a ton of coffee shops, food, and green spaces for you to enjoy. There is a vast number of parks, forests, and mountainous views for you to explore and enjoy. This would be a great place if you don’t enjoy the beach or want to avoid the crowd. 

Mallorca, Spain – $$ 

Another amazing place to visit over spring break without those large college crowds in Mallorca, Spain. There are many different types of attractions here, and since it is in the Mediterranean, there is a lot of history in the villages and architecture to explore. Since it is on the water, there are beaches here, but they aren’t the white sandy beaches that we are used to here in the states. Usually, these beaches are a bit rocky but still beautiful as the water is crystal clear. Though getting here may be a bit expensive, there are a lot of activities that you can do for cheap.  

Marco Island, FL – $$ 

If you are a beach lover and still want to go to the beach, avoid the crowd, and be in Florida, then as long as you go anywhere on the coast, but out of those big college spots, then you can have a pretty quiet and enjoyable beach vacation with tons of fun. One of these locations includes Marco Island. It is located between Naples and Everglades City. There is a bunch of fun adventures to go on here. They have beautiful beaches and some great restaurants nearby. 

As a little bit of a disclaimer, according to Visual Academy, spring break in America is known for college students going to these places and partying hard. Inevitably, this leads to some risky behavior. One of the top concerns for city officials in these areas is underage drinking and unprotected sex. There is a dramatic increase in arrests as well. In South Padre Island, TX, there is an average of 25 arrests per day during the typical weeks of spring break. Due to these risky behaviors, police forces and emergency rooms need to prepare for the college swarm to come.  

While these statistics can be quite alarming, these vacation spots can still be oodles of fun. It is a time when a mass amount of people who are in the same stage of their lives can come together in the same place to have fun. 

Spring break in college can be a time to make some of the best memories in your college experience, so find the best destination for you. Whether it be within the college crowds in those popular spots for students or a quiet location that will be fun to explore without the mass of people. 

Hello! My name is Dorian, I am a writer for Her Campus at USFSP and this is my second year as a college student but have junior standing. I am a psychology major with a criminology minor. I am from Goshen, New York; no I am not from New York City! I was a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor for many years which came from my nine years of competitive swimming. I love working with the kids and seeing them and their skills grow and flourish. My career goal is to do behavior research on children with disabilities. I am highly interested in how the brain works and how it works differently in different people. In my free time, I LOVE to hammock and soak up the sun in my photosynthesizing time. I usually bring a silly little book with me or just chill with my friends. One of my favorite activities is going on random adventures with my friends and just letting the wind blow us wherever it may go. I have also recently begun to learn how to long-board. I also enjoy going to the gym with my friends to get those big muscles. Another one of my favorite activities is getting tattoos; my goal is to cover myself in art.